Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 298 – My Whole Body Is Floating, It Feels Like I’m Dreaming

Sure enough, in the next moment he heard Gu Lin Chao faintly say: “Ting Xuan, although you won the top spot in this martial arts test and were also appointed as a general by the Emperor, you don’t have any military achievements after all. A few days ago, the court received a report from a local official that the Kun Hu Mountain region is infested with bandits, requesting the court to send troops to clean up the area.

Ben Wang will now give you this opportunity to clean up. Tomorrow, you will gather a hundred men and head to Kun Hu Mountain to eliminate the bandits.”

Wen Ting Xuan felt as if he had been splashed with cold water from head to toe, and his entire being was a little chilled through and through.

He had only just been appointed as a general, and he was going to lead troops to fight against the bandits. Gu Lin Chao must have done it on purpose, just because Wen Qi Qi, this stinky girl, had complained to him.

Wen Ting Xuan had a headache, but he had to harden his heart and promise, “Yes, I will ensure that I fulfil the mission.”

Gu Lin Chao said in a warm voice, “Good. Ben Wang is optimistic about you, on the day you return to the capital after fighting the bandits, Ben Wang will organize a feast for you at the Ministry of War.”

Wen Ting Xuan was not happy at all. Why did he come to the Regent’s Mansion today?

Wen Qi Qi’s original intention was to straighten out Wen Ting Xuan for a bit, but she didn’t think that Gu Lin Chao would actually take action.

Thinking that her second brother would be sent to clear out the bandits tomorrow, she couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

It seemed like she had overplayed her hand.

She looked at Gu Lin Chao and wanted to ask for leniency, but she saw him casting her a soothing glance.

Seeing this, Wen Qi Qi shut her mouth.

Gu Lin Chao was not the kind of person who acted arbitrarily on a whim, and since he had made this arrangement, he must have had his own considerations.

Thinking of this, she put her heart down.

It was already noon, Gu Lin Chao asked Wen Ting Xuan to stay at the Regent Mansion to have a meal together.

Wen Ting Xuan didn’t refuse this time.

After lunch, Gu Lin Chao called Wen Ting Xuan to his study.

The two of them discussed for a long time in the study, and when Wen Qi Qi came in with refreshments, their conversation had only just ended.

However, she vaguely heard that Gu Lin Chao seemed to be telling him about strategy.

Wen Ting Xuan sat there for a while longer before getting up to take his leave.

Seeing this, Wen Qi Qi said to Gu Lin Chao, “Your Highness, I’ll go see off Second Brother.”

Gu Lin Chao glanced at her, stood up, and said in a warm voice, “Let’s go together.”

Wen Qi Qi looked at him in surprise.

He actually wanted to send off her second brother together with herself?

It would be fine if it was an ordinary family, but he was the Regent of the dynasty, with a noble status and a lot of work to do. On top of that, he had always been a person whose nature was not very warm.

Therefore, Wen Qi Qi was surprised when he offered to go with her to see off Wen Ting Xuan.

Wen Ting Xuan felt equally flattered, and at this moment, he finally felt like Gu Lin Chao’s brother-in-law.

It was unthinkable that Gu Lin Chao would send him away one day.

Wen Ting Xuan’s entire body felt as if it was floating a bit, it felt as if he was dreaming.

When he arrived outside the gate of the mansion, he took advantage of Gu Lin Chao’s lack of attention and shoved a letter into Wen Qi Qi’s hand.

Wen Qi Qi collected the letterhead without moving, then instructed, “Then, if Second Brother goes to fight the bandits this time, he must be careful and pay attention to safety.”

“I know.” Wen Ting Xuan’s heart warmed.

However, the warmth in his heart didn’t last for a moment before he heard Wen Qi Qi say, “Second Brother, if you can’t beat them, then run away, don’t hang on, your life is important.”

The corner of Wen Ting Xuan’s mouth twitched, is this girl sure she didn’t come to destroy his honour?

The fight hadn’t even started yet she was talking as if he would definitely lose.

Afraid that she would say something more unpleasant, he hurriedly waved his hand, 

“Alright, I’m going back, you guys go in as well.” After saying that, he hurriedly mounted his horse and left.

Seeing him walk away, Wen Qi Qi followed Gu Lin Chao inside.

Although she had just said bad words, she was actually a little worried in her heart.

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