Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 220 – Gu Lin Chao’s Palms Are Sweating

Wen Qi Qi let go of Gu Lin Chao’s sleeve, then raised her palm to hit the flowering tree.

Then she saw the front most leaf move.

Wen Qi Qi blinked and twisted her head to look at Gu Lin Chao.

Gu Lin Chao paused before saying, “That’s just the wind you caused, which blew the leaves.” Saying that, he raised his palm towards the tree and patted the tree.

Sure enough, the leaves also moved.

Wen Qi Qi frowned, “You did not use internal force?”

“No.” Gu Lin Chao said, “Just a little bit of force, it will bring up the wind, but that is not internal force.”

Wen Qi Qi covered her face, a little embarrassed.

She thought she was a genius. She had only been practicing for two days and already had a little internal energy, but it turned out that she had thought too much.

But when she thought of one thing, she couldn’t help but say, “But after practicing the internal energy technique, I felt that my body has become lighter in the past two days.”

“Practicing internal energy can indeed make one’s body lighter, but it’s only a gradual process, it can’t be achieved overnight.” Gu Lin Chao said in a warm voice.

Wen Qi Qi was a little disappointed, “So practicing internal energy is so difficult to achieve?”

Gu Lin Chao glanced at her, “In fact, it is not difficult. The main thing is to persist and not to be impatient. If you practice for two days and then break for two days, everything will be back to zero again.”

Wen Qi Qi slumped her shoulders.

She thought that she would be able to cultivate her inner strength very quickly by working overtime.

In that case, cultivating inner strength was a long process, and she really didn’t want to spend all her time on it.

Looking at the girl’s drooping head, Gu Lin Chao’s lips pursed and suddenly said: “Tomorrow there will be a martial arts selection at the Ministry of War, this King is going to check the site now, do you want to go together?”

When Wen Qi Qi heard this, she immediately raised her head, her eyes burning, “I can also go with you?”

“Yes.” Gu Lin Chao nodded his head.

“Then Your Majesty wait a moment, I will go and change my clothes, it will be quick.” After Wen Qi Qi said that, she abandoned the matter of practicing inner energy to the back of her mind, and ran into the house quickly.

A few moments later, Wen Qi Qi came out.

Gu Lin Chao looked up and saw an excessively beautiful young man coming out of Wen Qi Qi’s house.

He froze for a moment before he realized that this young man was none other than Wen Qi Qi.

Wen Qi Qi walked up to him, unfolded the fan in her hand and said with a smile, “Your Majesty, do you think I look like a man?”

Gu Lin Chao stalled for a moment and looked away, “Yes.”

Wen Qi Qi smiled, very proud. If even he said she looked like a man, then she looked like a man.

She put away her fan and said happily, “Then can Your Majesty take me to the military camp next time?” He said last time that women are not allowed to enter or leave the military camp, so there should be no problem for her to dress up as a man, right?

Gu Lin Chao smiled, glanced at her and decisively refused, “No.”

“Why?” Wen Qi Qi pouted her lips and said unconvincingly, “Then didn’t you just say that I was dressed up as a man and looked like one? Why can’t I go with you dressed as a man?”

Gu Lin Chao looked at her pouting red mouth, and his palms were sweating.

His fingers curled up, but he did not lose his principles because of this.

“You pretend to be a Man, but you are still, in essence, a woman.”

Wen Qi Qi said angrily, “Is Wang Ye talking like this discriminating against women?”

Gu Lin Chao saw her angry little face, paused and denied it, “Not really.”

“Then why did you make that rule that women are not allowed to enter or leave the military camp?”

“That was not made by this King, it has been in place since ancient times.”

“I don’t care. Wang Ye is the highest commander of the three armies, you can abolish that rule.” Wen Qi Qi said brutally.

Translators Note: Gu Lin Chao’s palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy

Edited by EllieKit

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