Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 214 – Wen Qi Qi’s First Gift to Him

After Gu Lin Chao took his seat. The words that Wen Qi Qi just said kept echoing in his mind, which made him unable to calm down and deal with political affairs.

He raised his hand and kneaded his brow, feeling a headache.

When he saw the box in his hand, he was not in the mood anymore.

But thinking that this was at least the first gift Wen Qi Qi had given him, he opened the box.

It turned out to be a single brush.

He paused and couldn’t help picking it up and examining it carefully for a moment.

The brush shaft was dark gray in color, with the design of green bamboo engraved on it, and the brush tip was translucent and light yellow in color. It could be seen that this was a good quality brush, and the hair on the brush tip should be the hair from the tail of a high quality weasel ……

He suddenly laughed.

The girl obviously does not know how to write, but she was able to pick such a good brush, it seems that she really used some thought.

The gloom in his heart abruptly dissipated. There was a hint of pleasure, and his long, slender fingers fondled the brush.

A few moments later, it was hung on the pen stand, where he could see it at a glance.


The next day, after resting for the night and refreshing herself, Wen Qi Qi got up early.

Although the matter of Chi Yu Lou had its own five elders to implement her plan, there were still many places that had not been perfected, such as the Hundred Flowers Pavilion.

Because she herself was not in Tunzhou, many things could not be arranged personally, and could only be conveyed through letters.

She sat behind the desk, holding a brush, and wrote several pages of plans in a sprawling manner.

There are information about how to operate the Hundred Flowers Pavilion, how to maintain customers, as well as details about the stage arrangement, and which girls should sing and dance what songs, and what kind of clothes to wear when performing. All of these were mentioned in her letter.

At the back, she drew a few patterns of costumes suitable for them to perform on stage, and instructed the fifth elder in the letter to ask the embroiderer to have the costumes made in time.

After writing it, she picked it up and blew on it. After the ink dried, she folded it and put it into an envelope and gave it to Lu Qiao.

She told her to send it to the Wen House and give it to Wen Ting Xuan, who would then send someone to Tunzhou to give it to the Fifth Elder.

Once everything was arranged, she changed into her practice clothes, took her staff and went to the courtyard to practice.

She already had a foundation in her body, and when she was a martial arts substitute in modern times, she basically knew how to handle all kinds of weapons, but she did not learn them well.

This time, through practice, her staff skills have improved a lot.

However, her staff technique was okay against a few ordinary people, but if it was against people with profound inner strength, it was definitely not enough to win.

She practiced for a while, but always felt that there was still something missing.

At this time, Si Yi walked in.

“Wang Ye invites you to come to the West Garden.” His expression was as cold as ever, not as warm as Wang Houde’s.

Wen Qi Qi also knew his nature, so she didn’t care, “Did Wang Ye say why he asked me to come over?” She fiddled with the staff in her hand and asked carelessly.

When he saw the speed of her moves, he paused and said coldly, “Wang Fei will know for herself.” After saying that, he turned around and walked away.

Wen Qi Qi looked at the practice clothes on her body and wanted to go change.

But she suddenly remembered that last time Gu Lin Chao had promised her that he would teach her qigong, but he never did, so she could go there later and mention it again.

She went to the West Garden with the staff in her hand.

When she arrived at the West Garden, Wen Qi Qi saw Gu Lin Chao sitting in the pavilion drinking tea.

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