Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 212 – Gu Lin Chao Has A Faint Hint Of Expectation

Chapter 212 Gu Lin Chao has a vague hint of expectation

“Good.” Gu Lin Chao lightly responded and took a seat opposite her.

Wen Qi Qi used chopsticks to pick up the corn in the bowl.

The cook of the Wangfu originally peeled off the corn kernels and then stewed them with the ribs, but she thought it would be more flavorful if the corn cobs were cooked together, so she suggested cutting the corn into sections and throwing them into the soup to cook together.

She picked up the corn segments with chopsticks and handed them to Gu Lin Chao, saying with a smile, “Your Majesty, corn tastes better this way, try it.”

Gu Lin Chao looked at the corn she handed to him, hesitated and shook his head, “This King won’t eat it, you can eat it yourself.”

Wen Qi Qi beamed. She should have known that people like him are sure to care about their image, so how could they chew directly with their mouths?

She shrugged her shoulders and didn’t force him and ate it on her own.

Gu Lin Chao drank the soup for a while. He lifted his head and saw the girl opposite him, holding chopsticks in her hand, gnawing on the corn in small bites.

The snow-white teeth finely bit on the corn and for some reason, this scene, actually made him think of a groundhog.

Thinking about it, he couldn’t help but laugh.

Wen Qi Qi likes to eat corn very much. She ate several sections in a row, and the ones in her own bowl and soup pot were finished by her. Finally, she fixed her eyes on the corn in Gu Lin Chao’s bowl.

She cheekily said as she bit into her chopsticks, “Your Majesty dislikes wasting food the most, but don’t you even eat corn?” Since you don’t eat it, don’t waste it, give it to me.

Gu Lin Chao really did not eat corn, and when he heard what she said, he froze, looked down at the two sections of corn in the bowl, and instantly understood her intention.

This girl, she wants to eat the corn in his bowl?

His handsome face was a little hot.

After a moment of hesitation, he asked uncertainly, “Do you want to eat it?”

Wen Qi Q immediately nodded, “If Your Majesty doesn’t eat it, then give it to this consort.” Saying that, she brought her bowl over.

Gu Lin Chao: “……”

His lips moved, wanting to say that although he did not touch the corn, but the soup in his bowl had touched it, and the corn was perhaps even stained with his saliva ……

But looking at the girl’s unconcerned look, he did not say the words.

She as a woman was not shy, let alone he is still a man, and they are husband and wife. If she wants the food in his bowl, there seems to be nothing wrong with it.

He pursed his lips, held back the discomfort in his heart, and gave her all the corn.

“Thank you, Wang Ye.” Wen Qi Q said joyfully, then got up and ladled all the remaining ribs inside the soup pot into his bowl, “Your Majesty works too hard on regular days, you should eat more meat.”

Gu Lin Chao’s words of refusal were swallowed back after hearing the second half of what she said.

He was silent and lowered his head to eat the meat.

Neither of them spoke again, but there was a warm atmosphere that spread around the two of them.

Gu Lin Chao happened to look up and saw her eating corn. Her snow-white teeth were biting on the corn kernels. He paused, thinking that the corn had been soaked in the soup he was drinking, and his handsome face suddenly turned a little red, his long thick eyelashes trembled gently, and his fingers curled tightly.

After eating, Wen Qi Qi remembered a matter, suddenly ran out, came back with two more things in her hands.

When Gu Lin Chao saw it, his breath tightened, and there was a hint of anticipation in his phoenix eyes.

Wen Qi Qi came over, and shoved something into his hand, her eyes flashing, her voice fluttering, “Your Majesty, in the future, such things. It is good to put away something like this, this time it was fortunate to be seen by this consort, if it was someone else, Your Majesty’s reputation would be damaged ……”

Translators Note: fu fu fu fu fu *evil cackle*~ Can you guess what the gift is?

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