Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 210 – He Almost Thought She Was An Imposter

Afterwards, Wen Qi Qi wrote a few more songs that were easier to sing and taught them to the girls in the building.

After that, she chose the right music and saw that the time was almost up, so she followed Wen Ting Xuan and left.

When Wen Ting Xuan looked at his sister, his heart was filled with emotion more than once.

If he didn’t know that this was his own sister, Wen Qi Qi, he would have thought that she was an impostor.

This sister had given him so many surprises.

After this trip to Tunzhou, he realized that this sister was hiding too deep.

She was like a treasure that could never be fully excavated and always gave surprises.

“What’s wrong with Second Brother?” Noticing his gawking, Wen Qi Qi couldn’t help but ask.

Wen Ting Xuan shook his head, “Nothing, I just feel that things are going well this time.”

“Is it bad that it went well?” Wen Qi Qi raised her eyebrows.

“Of course it’s good. In the future, Chi Yu Lou, as you said, will be able to become famous again.”

“Our purpose is not to make ourselves famous.” Wen Qi Qi said meaningfully.

Wen Ting Xuan froze, and then smiled, “You are right.”

After all, there were many people on the road, so the two siblings did not say anything more about Chi Yu Lou.

The two did not immediately return to the Tunzhou Imperial Residence, but strolled around the city and bought many things.

When buying gifts for Wen Shi Qing and Wen Ting Yun, Wen Qi Qi couldn’t help but think of Gu Lin Chao.

She bought a piece of good ink for Wen Shi Qing and an ink stone for Wen Ting Yun, because both of them liked to read and write, so she thought it was appropriate to buy these.

After picking out gifts for both of them, she looked at the shelves full of various brushes and decided to pick out a brush for Gu Lin Chao.

After buying the gifts, the two of them rushed to the Tunzhou Imperial Residence.

When they arrived at the Imperial Residence, Wen Qi Qi saw Wang Houde waiting there from afar.

He seemed to be anxiously waiting, looking around with an urgent look on his face.

“Eunuch Wang.” She walked a few steps faster and shouted.

When Wang Houde saw her, he was immediately happy, “You’ve finally returned, Your Highness.”

“Sorry for keeping you waiting. There were really too many things that I wanted to purchase, and I wanted to get everything I saw, so I was delayed all of a sudden.” Wen Qi Qi said apologetically.

Wang Houde smiled and said busily, “There was no delay, Your Highness came back just in time.”

“That’s good.” Wen Qi Qi breathed a sigh of relief. She then thought of something and added, “I have bought a gift for Wang Ye, and I don’t know if he will like it.”

Wang Houde’s eyes lit up, “Your Highness also bought a gift for Wang Ye?”

“Yes.” Wen Qi Qi nodded her head.

“Your Highness, don’t worry, as long as it’s from you, His Majesty will like it.” Wang Houde said.

“I hope so.” Wen Qi Qi said with arched eyebrows.

Wen Qi Qi had nothing to pack, so she went in for a cup of tea, rested her feet, and decided to leave for the capital.

Gu Yi took her all the way to the city gate.

“When you are free, you must come to Tunzhou. This time was rather rushed, so this time this nephew was not able to do a good job as a host, so I am really sorry.”

“Tunzhou is really a good place, I like it very much. I will definitely come here often, and I am afraid I will have to bother nephew a lot.” Wen Qi Qi said with a smile.

Gu Yi also smiled, “Then this nephew will be waiting for you in Tunzhou.”

Wen Qi Qi nodded and said lovingly, “Nephew, go back now, there is no need to send me off.”

“Good.” Gu Yi showed a touched expression, “Then take care on your way, Your Highness!”

“Good bye!” Wen Qi Qi waved her hand at him. (she says this in English so it sounds like Gu Bai to him)

Gu Yi froze, “This nephew’s name is not Gu Bai.”

Wen Qi Qi said with a smile, “Gu Bai is a name that really suits you. Xiao Bai Bai, go back quickly.”

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