Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 203 – Gu Lin Chao Is In Chaos Again

Gu Lin Chao did not come over for a long time, yet he turned out the light.

The room was suddenly dark, and Wen Qi Qi called out, “Your Majesty?”

“Hmm?” Gu Lin Chao’s low voice rang out from the couch by the window.

Wen Qi Qi adjusted to the darkness, and only then did she see that he was actually lying down on the soft couch.

She froze. Could it be that she misunderstood? He did not mean to consummate the marriage with herself?

Her face suddenly burned a little, and she was embarrassed.

Luckily she didn’t say anything embarrassing.

She blinked her eyes and lay on her side facing outward.

She saw him lying on the soft couch, his long legs slightly curled up, obviously sleeping uncomfortably.

He was so tall and the couch was so short. It was too uncomfortable to sleep like that for one night.

She hesitated, sat up and said softly, “Your Majesty, this bed is better for you to sleep on, this Consort is thin and small so sleeping on the couch is more suitable for me.”

Gu Lin Chao pillowed one hand behind his head. When he heard her voice, he looked sideways, “No, you quickly sleep there.”

“But ……”

“Listen to me, close your eyes and sleep.” Gu Lin Chao’s tone increased a few degrees, and was unquestionable.

Seeing him like this, Wen Qi Qi had to give up persuading him.

Her eyes fell on the quilt. She hurriedly jumped out of bed, picked up a quilt, and was about to take it to him.

But the room was dark, so she didn’t pay attention for a moment, and tripped and fell to the floor with a “pop”.

Luckily, she had a quilt in her arms, so even if she fell to the floor, it didn’t hurt.

She was just about to get up, but in the next moment, she had already been picked up by the man with the quilt.

“Did the fall hurt?””

Perhaps it was the darkness of the night, the man’s voice seemed to carry a strange tenderness.

Wen Qi Qi was stunned and shook her head, “No.”

Gu Lin Chao carried her back to the bed, and warmly admonished, “It’s very late, don’t toss and turn. Sleep early.” After saying that, he wanted to leave.

Wen Qi Qi hastily pulled his sleeve, “Wait a minute.”

Gu Lin Chao stopped and looked back at her, “Is there something else?”

Wen Qi Qi handed him the quilt she was holding in her arms, “It’s still cold at night, don’t catch a cold.”

“What about you?” Gu Lin Chao hesitated.

“There is another one here. They prepared two quilts for us, since they were probably also afraid that it would be too cold at night and there wouldn’t be enough to cover us.” Wen Qi Qi hastily pulled over the other quilt and showed it to him.

Only then did Gu Lin Chao take the quilt, “Good.”

Wen Qi Qi watched him walk back. She suddenly saw the white socks on his feet and realized that he didn’t even wear shoes ……

Thinking of something, she froze.

So just now, when he saw her fall, he didn’t even put on his shoes and rushed over to hug her?

She embraced the quilt and lay down, and a complex feeling arose in her heart.

At this time, Gu Lin Chao’s mind was also somewhat turbulent.

He put one hand on the back of his head, and his eyes fell on the window.

The pale moonlight, falling through the window, tinged the room with a faint halo of light.

The soft voice of a girl’s song seemed to ring in his ears.

Eyes closed, his mind then recalled the dark alley, the scene of the girl tightly hugging him …..

His heart was, once again, chaotic.

The house is very quiet, and the girl’s soft breathing was so clear that it reached his ears.

The girl’s fingers were clenched, but he couldn’t resist, and he looked sideways in the direction of the bed.

The girl’s head was hanging down and holding the quilt, a lotus root arm slipped out of the sleeve and rested on the edge of the bed.

He paused, got up and went over and re-covered her with the blanket.

When she saw that it was Gu Lin Chao, she froze, and in the next moment, she suddenly pulled his lapel and pulled him towards the bed.

Translators Note: I don’t need snu snu but please give me her good night kiss at least

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