Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 189 – No One Should Mess With Wen Qi Qi

“It’s not impossible to say it to you, but I’m still an outsider in the Chi Yu Lou, and I don’t have a job or power, so I really feel a bit insecure.” Wen Qi Qi said in a difficult manner.

A few elders heard this and muttered together for a while, then the eldest elder said to Wen Qi Qi, “There is still a vacancy for a deputy head of the Chi Yu Lou. You are also the head’s brother, so as long as you can show us your ability to earn money, then we will elect you to be the deputy head of the house and manage the affairs of the house in the future.”

Wen Qi Qi and Wen Tin Xuan looked at each other, and only then reluctantly nodded their heads, “Okay then.”


It was already evening when Gu Lin Chao arrived in Tunzhou.

When he came this time, he only brought Si Yi and Wang Houde.

Tunzhou is not too big or too small, but it is not easy to find a person.

Therefore, once he arrived at Tunzhou, he took Si Yi and Wang Houde with him and went directly to the Royal Residence of Tunzhou.

When the guard at the gate saw his token, he was so frightened that he almost sat down on the ground, and hurriedly ran in to inform them.

Not long after, a clean-cut teenager hurriedly ran out.

When he saw the person standing by the door of the house, he almost lost his three immortal souls and seven mortal forms.

“The Imperial, the Imperial Uncle?”

Gu Lin Chao saw his hurried appearance. His brows knitted and he was just about to speak when he saw Xiao Yan swinging out behind him.

Just now he heard the guards report that the Regent Prince had come, he did not believe it, but now seeing that it was really him, Xiao Yan’s face changed greatly. But it was obviously too late to run at this time, so he had to stiffen his head and go forward, pretending to greet easily, “Haha, how come Hengzhi has time to come to Tunzhou?”

The last time he came to arrest him, he wasn’t still holding a grudge, was he?

Xiao Yan thought of the last time, at this moment, his heart is still a little panic.

Sure enough, no one can mess with Wen Qi Qi.

He could see that his nephew was quite attached to that girl.

It is clear that the girl herself was greedy and drank too much, but his nephew also wants to settle the account on his head.

The last time he fell asleep for three days, after waking up, he came straight to Tunzhou to play.

He didn’t expect to run into Gu Lin Chao here even though he was hiding so far away.

What a sin!

Gu Lin Chao ignored him, but looked at Gu Yi, “This King is looking for someone so lend your manpower to me.”

Gu Yi said, “I don’t know what kind of person is Imperial Uncle looking for? This nephew is most familiar with Tunzhou city, from the merchants to the peddlers, I know all of them and I may be able to help.”

Gu Lin Chao glanced at him and lightly refused, “No need.”

Gu Yi looked at his cold and indifferent face, so he passed out the token sardonically, “My manpower, Imperial Uncle can use it at will.”

“Mm.” Gu Lin Chao took it and handed it to Si Yi.

Si Yi hurriedly went to dispatch the manpower.

“Imperial Uncle, why don’t you take a seat inside first?” Gu Yi said attentively.

Gu Lin Chao was just about to lift a step to go inside, when a steward-like person ran in.

“Your Majesty, the steward of the Hundred Flowers Pavilion, sent some invitations, saying that the Hundred Flowers Pavilion has some new beauties, and there are new programs in the evening, which they can guarantee you have not seen. You are specially invited to the Hundred Flowers Pavilion to sit in the evening ……”

Gu Yi winked but it seemed like he was about to twitch, and the steward didn’t pick up on it and finished his sentence.

Gu Yi covered his face, hung his head low, simply did not dare to look at his own royal uncle’s face at this time.

The end ……

This time Imperial Uncle will certainly peel off a layer of skin from him.

Translators Note: Xiao Yan never learns 😂 Him and his nephew just caught a stray bullet as LGC searches for Qi Qi

Edited by EllieKit

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