Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 183 – Gu Lin Chao: When Did He Ever Say He Was Tired Of Her

“How did you get out? That Regent brother-in-law of mine, is he that easy to talk to, and willing to let you go out?” In the carriage, Wen Ting Xuan was really curious.

Wen Qi Qi leaned comfortably on the carriage wall, crossing her legs, and saying unconcernedly, “What’s so difficult about it?”

Wen Ting Xuan was no longer surprised to see her like this, but when he heard her relaxed tone, he frowned and asked, “Isn’t it difficult? After all, you are a married woman, and your husband’s is the kingdom’s Royal Regent, so there are many rules.”

“Gu Lin Chao is not in the house.” Wen Qi Qi glanced at him blankly.

“No wonder.” Wen Ting Xuan suddenly realized.

“Okay, let’s not mention him, tell me about the situation in Tunzhou.” Wen Qi Qi said.

Wen Ting Xuan then told her about the situation in Tunzhou.

It is not far from the capital, and because of its proximity to the capital, it is very affluent and prosperous, and is known as the Little Capital. With its beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, many dignitaries and noblemen like to buy property there.

Therefore, the sons and daughters of the capital often go there to play.

The headquarters of the Chi Yu Lou is also located there.

On the other side, not long after Wen Qi Qi left the capital, Gu Lin Chao returned to the royal residence.

As soon as he came back, Housekeeper Chen immediately poured beans down the bamboo tube and repeated to him what Wen Qi Qi had said when she left. (TN: What a fancy way to say spill the beans)

“…… Wang Fei thought that the reason why Wang Ye had not returned to the residence for many days and had not sent word to her was because you were tired of her, so Wang Fei did not want to stay in the Royal Residence and hinder your eyes.” Housekeeper Chen sighed and continued, “When Wang Fei left, her face was sad, and when this old slave looked at it, it was really hard to bear.

Two days ago, she was waiting for you to come back for your lunch, but you didn’t come back even though it was almost midday. Wang Fei was a little disappointed, plus these two days, you also have not returned to the Residence at all. Wang Fei then thought that you were deliberately cold ……”

At the end of the sentence, Housekeeper Chen’s tone unconsciously carried some reproachful meaning.

When he thought of Wen Qi Qi’s sad face when she left, he couldn’t help but advise: “Even though Wang Ye doesn’t like Wang Fei, but Wang Fei is after all your legitimate wife. She has been very attentive to you, and she didn’t make any big mistake, so don’t be so cold to Wang Fei. …”

When Gu Lin Chao heard this, his phoenix eyes flashed with a trace of consternation, thinking he had misheard.

Wen Qi Qi was so sad because he didn’t return to the residence that she left the royal residence and went out for a break?

The reason he did not return to the house was not because he was tired of her, but because there were urgent matters in the army that he needed to deal with personally. He had stayed in the army camp for the past two days.

The reason for not sending a message to her is because he didn’t think it was necessary, and he was used to acting that way. But he didn’t want to make her sad and upset.

But this time, she actually for this reason nonsensical, misunderstood him ……

And the tone of Housekeeper Chen ……

He couldn’t help but look at Housekeeper Chen.

When Housekeeper Chen saw this, he quickly hung his head down, and his voice was much weaker, “This old slave knows that you don’t like to hear these words, but it was really heartbreaking to see Wang Fei……”

Gu Lin Chao was stunned, frowned and asked, “Where has Wang Fei gone now?”

Housekeeper Chen said: “Wang Fei said she went to the countryside to relax. She should have gone to an manor under her name. If you ask Lu Qiao, you should know.”

Soon, Lu Qiao was called over.

“Which manor is Wang Fei on?” Gu Lin Chao asked directly.

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