Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 171 – This King …… Is Very Uncomfortable

She looked this way, so the words that Gu Lin Chao had prepared to reprimand her could not be said.

After all, she was so good at admitting her faults, and she was also sympathetic to Atuo Jiang Hua and went off on the wrong track for a while.

Plus, she didn’t actually do anything to hurt anyone’s feelings.

“Since you know that you are wrong, then I’ll let it go this time, and you must not do it again next time.”

“I know.” Wen Qi Qi was secretly happy. She was right to take the initiative to admit her mistake first. If she had waited until Gu Lin Chao asked about it, the situation might have been different.

However, she had only just finished being happy when she heard Gu Lin Chao say again, “Also, do you have anything to say about what you did in the Palace yesterday?”

Wen Qi Qi’s heart sank with a “thud”. Could it be that Gu Lin Chao knew about what she had done to Wen Ruyi in the Palace yesterday?

Thinking, she shook her head blankly, “What does Your Majesty want me to say?”

Gu Lin Chao’s gaze fell on the left side of her face.

That red mark, today there is no longer any trace to be seen.


“Wen Qi Qi, you still want to hide it from this King?” His voice was slightly deep, and his dark eyes, swept a glance at her.

When Wen Qi Qi heard his anger, her heart trembled and she bit her lip, saying, “I am not hiding anything from you, am I?”

Gu Lin Chao saw that she was still refusing to tell the truth at this point, and a hint of anger colored his eyebrows.

“This King knows that you and Wen Ruyi do not have relations, but why do you have to make up that kind of statement?”

“Which kind of statement?” Wen Qi Qi froze.

“How you want to deal with Wen Ruyi, this King won’t care, but you can’t let this King’s reputation be damaged.” Gu Lin Chao warned, and after a pause, added, “You made up those kinds of words, which made this King …… very uncomfortable.”

Wen Qi Qi finally understood this time.

So he was referring to ……

She was inexplicably a little happy in her heart.

It turned out that being liked by Wen Ruyi, in his opinion, was something that would damage his reputation and make his heart very uncomfortable.

If Wen Ruyi had heard this, she thought she would have vomited blood with anger on the spot.

It’s a pity, they should have let Wen Ruyi hear it in person.

“I know, I won’t talk nonsense again.” After saying that, she quickly dropped her head, afraid that the corner of her lips curled up, would be seen by him.

Gu Lin Chao glanced at her. Just as he was about to lift a foot to go in, he thought of one thing and said, “You are this King’s legitimate wife. As long as you don’t make mistakes, this King will never divorce you, and no one can take your place.” After a pause, he added, “This King is not swan meat either.”

After saying that, he did not stop and entered the Royal residence with big steps.

However, Wen Qi Qi froze in place.

Was Gu Lin Chao saying these words in response to the words she made up yesterday in front of Empress Dowager Guo?

She blinked her eyes and shouted offhandedly, “Then I’m not a toad either? ……”

When Gu Lin Chao, who hadn’t gone far, heard these words, his footsteps paused and he couldn’t help but laugh lowly.

This woman ……

He shook his head and walked towards the study.

After Wen Qi Qi said it offhand, she regretted it.

She is silly, Gu Lin Chao said he is not swan meat which is telling her that she is not a toad? Ah.

But she was so anxious, she had to reiterate it again.

She couldn’t even look at herself anymore.

She stroked her forehead.

But thinking about what Gu Lin Chao said, she had no reason to feel some sweetness in her heart.

He said that no one can take her place.

So does that mean that as long as he doesn’t fall, she can be the Regent Consort for the rest of her life, in all her glory?

Gu Lin Chao is really a very good person.

When she thought about it, she felt she should care for him a little more.

He doesn’t look too good today, so he shouldn’t get sick.

Translators Note: Qi Qi please, the best thing you can do for this man is to not give him your poisonous cooking

Side note – you know Bianchi for Katekyo Hitman Reborn? Her cooking is what I imagine every time Qi Qi sends GLC soup

Ellie Note: I kind of imagine it as a somewhat less deadly version of Shion’s cooking from Tensura

Edited by EllieKit

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