Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 167 – Gu Lin Chao Is In Complete Chaos

“Sister, thank you for today. I’ll treat you to dinner another day, I’m going back.” Wen Qi Qi quickly crawled out from under the table and ran towards the window with her feet.

Fortunately, there were enough people in the room just now, and enough chaos. Atuo Jiang Hua had good acting skills, otherwise she really suspected that she would have been dismembered by Gu Lin Chao on the spot.

Judging from the force with which he kicked the door when he came in, it was clear that he must have been furious.

Who would put up with their own wife, behind their backs, having fun outside?

When the window opened and a cool breeze blew in, the little bit of drunkenness that Wen Qi Qi still had was completely gone.

She raised her hand and patted her face, what the hell was she doing?

Did she forget how the original owner died?

She was so quick to forget, her brain was so dumb that she dared to run to this place. Is her life too long?

She did not dare to hesitate, and quickly climbed the window and jumped down.

She had to rush back to the royal residence before Gu Lin Chao.

Even though she took a shortcut, she was still one step behind Gu Ling Chao.

When she arrived at the royal residence, Gu Lin Chao arrived one step ahead of her.

Looking at Gu Lin Chao who was about to enter the mansion, she hastily pulled down her hair and lapel, and then walked over crying and wailing.

“Wang Ye ……”

Hearing the voice, Gu Lin Chao turned around haughtily.

When he saw clearly that the person who came over was Wen Qi Qi, his face was cloudy and he said through clenched teeth, “Wen Qi Qi!”

But no sooner had he said this did Wen Qi Qi suddenly rush over and jump into his arms.

“It was so scary just now, the road was so dark, and there were bad people trying to bully me, I was scared to death, I thought I wouldn’t be able to come back alive to see Wang Ye ……” Wen Qi Qi buried her face into the man’s chest and wailed.

When the girl’s soft and delicate body suddenly snuggled into his arms, Gu Lin Chao’s body suddenly stiffened, and his whole body would not move.

Wang Hou De opened his mouth wide in surprise.

Si Yi then turned his back.

When she noticed the man’s tense body, Wen Qi Qi’s eyes rolled and she simply tightly circled his waist.

Gu Lin Chao’s smooth forehead was seeping with sweat and he had never been so helpless.

After an unknown period of time, he seemed to react, pushed her away and rushed into the royal residence with quick steps.

Wen Qi Qi hurriedly stretched out her hand, “Wang Ye wait for me ……”

However, when Gu Lin Chao heard her voice, he walked even faster, and in the blink of an eye, he could not be seen.

Wen Qi Qi retracted her hand, and her heart felt a little smug.

Gu Lin Chao must have been shy after she had hugged him like that.

Once he was shy, he forgot to hold her accountable.

Her crisis was over.

She secretly breathed a sigh of relief, turned back, saw Si Yi and Wang Hou De who were standing there. She walked over and gave them a firm tap on the shoulder.

“You guys still don’t go in?”

Si Yi looked back at her, did not say anything. He went in sullenly.

Wang Hou De, on the other hand, looked back and said with a smile, “Your Highness, Wang Ye has been scared away by you.”

Wen Qi Qi’s face was stern, “Nonsense, Wang Ye was clearly shy.” She said. She tugged at her clothes and said, “I’m like this, but Wang Ye doesn’t comfort me, alas!” With these words, she went into the house with a despondent face.

Wang Hou De: “……”

After Wen Qi Qi went back to the Shen Xiang courtyard, she took a comfortable bath and then lay down under the blanket to dream about her husband.

But Gu Lin Chao did not have a good time.

Outside the door of his courtyard, he was completely confused by Wen Qi Qi’s sudden hug.

He went straight back to the West Garden and took a cold bath, but it didn’t help much.

Translators Note: Alas it seems she got away with it

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