Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 161 – The Delicate Wen Qi Qi

He sighed, picked up the bowl, and drank the soup in one go.

After drinking, he immediately took the candied fruit and put it in his mouth.

The taste was finally suppressed a bit.

After Wang Hou De removed the things, he originally intended to deal with government affairs, but thought of a matter, so he called Si Yi in first.

“Go and find out what happened in the Palace in the morning, and how she got that wound on her face?”

Si Yi was a little surprised, but did not dare to be slow, and immediately departed.

About an hour later, Si Yi came back and reported to him everything that happened in the Palace today, including what Wen Qi Qi said when she complained to Empress Dowager Guo.

After Gu Lin Chao listened, his handsome face seemed to be covered with a layer of cold frost, “So, the wound on her face was not scratched by a tree branch, but scratched by Wen Ruyi?”

“Yes.” Si Yi, “Fortunately, the Princess moved quickly, otherwise it would not be just a little wound.” After finishing his words, he felt a bit odd.

That Wen Ruyi even wanted his master? And she was jealous of Her Highness, so she even dared to hit her?

He always felt that things were not that simple.

“How dare she!” Gu Lin Chao’s eyes were gloomy and he ordered in a deep voice, “Prepare the horses.”

Si Yi frowned, “Master wants to go into the Palace?”

“Mm.” Gu Lin Chao’s face was sullen.

Si Yi hesitated before saying, “But I always feel that things are not that simple. That Liu Jieyu was not someone interested in you …… could it be that Princess she …… “ Si Yi paused and did not go further. With the wisdom of his master, it was impossible that he did not think of it.

Gu Lin Chao naturally thought of it, but Wen Ruyi herself harbored evil intent. She could not be there waiting for Wen Qi Qi for no reason.

She must have wanted to do something, but Wen Qi Qi was smart enough to preemptively set her up.

But why did she use such an excuse when she had dragged him into it? The excuse she used displeased him.

Because even if it was an excuse she deliberately pulled out to set up Wen Ruyi, it still made him feel like his heart was stuck in his throat. He was disgusted.

Also, Wen Qi Qi should not have put herself in danger.

Her act of killing a thousand enemies and damaging herself was foolish. Especially when he thought of the scar on her face, a kind of anger inexplicably rose in his heart.

If she encountered a difficult problem, she would not tell him. Why should she put herself in danger?

But no matter what, Wen Ruyi should not have hit Wen Qi Qi.

His people are not to be scolded by others at will.

Especially the delicate Wen Qi Qi.

“Go prepare the horses.” He ordered again.

Si Yi had to go and prepare the horses.


Imperial Palace.

Gu Heng thought for a long time, but decided to go to the Cold Palace to see Wen Ruyi.

After all, in the past few days, the love between the two was not a fake.

Thinking about her tenderness, he was a little soft-hearted.

After arriving at the Cold Palace, his heart tightened when he saw Wen Ruyi lying in a mess on a simple wooden plank bed.


He shouted in a low voice.

Wen Ruyi was lying on her side on the couch, thinking about what happened today. Her heart was tumbling with anger and hatred, and she was figuring out how to get out of here, when she suddenly heard Gu Heng’s voice, ringing behind her.

She was stunned and immediately pinched herself hard on her thigh.

The pain brought tears to her eyes, and she turned towards Gu Heng to look at him. These tears, which were not falling off, were heartbreaking to see.

As expected, once Gu Heng saw her red eyes and the swollen left side of her face, all the hard feelings he had for her were gone.

“Liu’er, I made you suffer. I will take you back now.”

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