Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 152 – Sour, More Sour

Hearing the conversation between the master and servant, Mama Zeng couldn’t stop smiling and said lovingly, “Your Majesty is really a sweet and lovely child. Wang Ye is really blessed.”

“It’s what I should do.” Wen Qi Qi’s face was appropriately shy.

The more Mama Zeng looked at her, the happier she was. The Grand Empress Dowager had a good eye and had chosen such a sweet consort for the Regent.

After arriving at Jing Ci Palace, Wen Qi Qi realized that Empress Dowager Guo and Gu Heng was there, as well as …… Wen Ruyi.

The three seemed to have arrived only a short time ago as well.

The Grand Empress Dowager was sitting on a chair with a not so cheerful look, yet a smile immediately appeared on her face when she saw Wen Qi Qi who walked in.

“Qi Qi, come here quickly, sit down here with me.”

Her warm look made Empress Dowager Guo’s heart feel very uncomfortable.

Both were her daughters-in-law, but was this difference too obvious?

She had never seen the Empress Dowager smile so easily and comfortably at herself.

As she thought about it, Empress Dowager Guo clenched the handkerchief hard.

Watching this scene, Wen Ruyi’s eyebrows were imperceptibly knitted.

Just now when Gu Heng brought her to greet the Grand Empress Dowager, she was very indifferent, but now when she saw Wen Qi Qi, her face immediately showed a smile. It was as if Wen Qi Qi was her happiness. Did she really like Wen Qi Qi that much and disliked her that much?

When she thought of the time when she was in the Wen Mansion, it was obvious that she was more pleasing to the Old Madam and Wen Qi Qi was disliked by her, but why did it change when she arrived at the Palace?

Wen Ruyi’s heart was somewhat unconvinced.

Looking at the old face of the Grand Empress Dowager, she felt disgusted.

Wen Qi Qi seemed not to see the eyes of several people that fell on her body. When she heard the Grand Empress Dowager’s words, a genuine smile appeared on her face, and she went forward and bowed to her in a formal manner, and then bowed to Empress Dowager Guo and Gu Heng before walking over.

“Mother looks good today, is there any happy event?” She sat down at the Grand Empress Dowager’s feet and tilted her face up, her tone curious, but with a bit of innocence.

The Grand Empress Dowager’s heart was suddenly softened to a mess.

It’s been a long time since a cute little girl like her spoke in front of her, and she couldn’t stop smiling, “Naturally, there is a happy event, isn’t it that you have come into the Palace to see me?”

Saying that, she stretched out her thin hand and tried to pull her up, “You little girl, why are you squatting on the ground, quickly sit beside Aijia.”

How could Wen Qi Qi dare to let her pull. She hurriedly stood up and sat down beside her as she was told.

“I thought the Grand Empress Dowager didn’t like my noisy presence, so I didn’t dare to come into the Palace to look for you. If I had known that you didn’t mind, I would have come to accompany you.” After saying that, she also seriously sighed, as if she was very sorry.

When Empress Guo and Wen Ruyi saw this, they sneered and laughed in their hearts in contempt.

This bitch, Wen Qi Qi, only flattered and flattered.

But no matter how sour they were in their hearts, the Grand Empress Dowager was extremely fond of Wen Qi Qi, and the smile on her face was never broken.

“This girl, how can you be so likeable?”

“The Grand Empress Dowager doesn’t know, the Princess Consort is very thoughtful. Before entering the Palace, she even personally cooked ginseng chicken soup for the Regent.” Mama Zeng stood by the side and couldn’t help but interject.

When the Grand Empress Dowager heard this, she was surprised, “Girl, you also know how to cook?”

Wen Qi Qi shook her head and modestly said, “I don’t know how to cook other dishes, but I can still make ginseng chicken soup. I see that the Regent is too tired every day, so I thought of this method to nourish his body.”

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