Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 142 – Gu Lin Chao’s Anger

Xiao Yan saw this and pounded the floor, feeling that he was really wronged more than Dou E.(This was apparently a woman who was wrongfully sentenced to the death penalty even though she was innocent.)

Looking at Gu Ling Chao, who no longer cared about himself after ordering Si Yi, he opened his lips and said bitterly: “Gu Heng Zhi, don’t go too far, what did I have to do with what happened last time? Did I make your wife drink it or what? It’s obvious that she was greedy and stole the wine jug when I wasn’t looking, you can’t blame me for her getting drunk ……”

Gu Lin Chao did not even raise his head, his voice coldly said, “The Hundred Flowers Clear Wine, did you bring it to Shen Xiang Courtyard?”

Xiao Yan froze, “Yes ……”

“Then did you tell her beforehand, the alcoholic nature of that wine?”

Xiao Yan was vain, “I didn’t have time to say it, but I only poured a little bit for her to taste.”

That girl drank up his whole pot of wine. It cost him a thousand taels of silver, and she drank it into her stomach. Instead, because she was drunk, he was so scared that he ran around and did not dare to go home for a few days.

He made a mess not to mention, and now he has to be taught a lesson by his nephew, he is really in a difficult position.

Most importantly, his nephew is too ruthless. He even let Si Yi snatch his money bag to buy Hundred Flowers Clear Wine ……

His money ah ……

Thinking about it, he laid backward on the ground in a lifeless manner, and his whole body was paralyzed on the ground in a great figure.

“That is your fault. You knew the alcoholic nature of that wine, but you didn’t make it clear beforehand, so she didn’t know what to expect and drank so much wine, causing her to sleep for three days and three nights before waking up.” Gu Lin Chao huffed and said.

Xiao Yan rolled his eyes, “It’s just that she slept for three days and three nights, and nothing happened? Is she missing a piece of flesh or did she lose a piece of skin?”

Gu Lin Chao coldly laughed, “Isn’t it just three days and three nights of sleep?”

Xiao Yan heard this laugh and his heart burst into flames.

His nephew usually does not laugh. If he laughs like this, then someone is definitely going to be unlucky.

Obviously, he was the one who was about to be unlucky.

As expected, Si Yi did not take long to come back with the Hundred Flowers Clear Wine.

When Xiao Yan saw this, the corners of his mouth twitched, “How did you buy this?”

The Hundred Flowers Clear Wine of Qingfeng Pavilion is too rare, so it is not something that can be bought with money.

Therefore, he was actually not worried just now, and expected that Si Yi would not be able to buy it.

But what he didn’t expect was that Si Yi came back with the wine so quickly?

“I gave that boss a thousand taels of silver, and said that our master wanted it, so the boss even gave me an extra pot.” Si Yi’s tone was cold.

Xiao Yan saw that in his other hand, there was really another pot of wine, so he was a little saddened.

He had forgotten that his nephew, who had become famous at a young age, had made countless achievements for Daye and was the patron saint of Daye. The people respected him, embraced him and treated him as a god.

When the owner of Qingfeng Pavilion saw that he wanted the wine, he naturally didn’t dare to make things difficult for him and couldn’t wait to send him.

“Since people have given you wine, where is my money, give it back to me!” He extended his hand towards Si Yi.

“The master has said that he cannot take a penny of the people’s things. Duke Jing’s money, was natural taken to pay the bill.” Si Yi’s tone was light, but the words that came out made Xiao Yan almost vomit blood with anger.

“You brat, truly the same as your master ……” The word ‘inhuman’ hovered on his lips, and he swallowed it back hard.

“Do you want to drink it yourself, or do you want Si Yi to feed you?” Gu Lin Chao asked with a clear and cold look.

Translators Note:: P E to the T T Y. Xiao Yan getting his just desserts

Edited by EllieKit

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