Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 140 – Being Hit By Gu Lin Chao’s Spoiled And Playful Side

She didn’t feel it when she woke up just now, but after she relaxed for a while, Wen Qi Qi felt hungry.


The lamb congee was well made, and it didn’t smell strange at all, so she ate a bowl in one breath.

“Lu Qiao, serve another bowl.” She smacked her lips and handed the bowl to Lu Qiao.

Lu Qiao took the bowl, but shook her head, “His Majesty has instructed that you should not eat too much after waking up, this bowl is just right. Miss, take it easy first and you can eat at the next meal.”

It’s Gu Lin Chao again?

Wen Qi Qi frowned, why did he even care about such a trivial matter?

“But I haven’t eaten enough ……” she covered her stomach and collapsed on the blanket, stretching her legs.

Lu Qiao couldn’t help but soothe her, “But Miss you have slept for too long. When you wake up this suddenly, you really can’t eat too much.”

“No listen, listen, I want to eat a lot ……” Wen Qi Qi simply rolled on the bed.

Gu Lin Chao left behind a letter in the outer room, and when he returned to look for it, he heard the sound of a woman squirming and rolling around from the inner room.

The corners of his eyes twitched and he bent down to pick up the letter that had fallen under the table.

“Your Majesty?” Lu Qiao came out with an empty bowl and saw him unexpectedly and shouted out in surprise.

The voice inside, abruptly stopped.

Gu Lin Chao’s eyes flashed with a smile and said, “This King had left something here, came to get it.”

In the inner room, lying on the bed, Wen Qi Qi: “……”

She really had buried all her life’s virtue by herself.

She buried her face into the blanket.

After Gu Lin Chao finished speaking, he left.

The room was quiet again.

It took Wen Qi Qi a long time to regain her composure and get up from the bed.

When Lu Qiao came in, she saw that her hair was in a mess, like a bird’s nest, so she couldn’t hold back her laughter and burst out laughing, “Miss, why did you make yourself look like this?”

Wen Qi Qi pulled down her hair and said with a crying face, “You’re still laughing?”

Lu Qiao tried very hard to stop herself from laughing, “Miss, don’t be sad, His Majesty won’t laugh at you.”

“He’s already laughing.” Wen Qi Qi thought of the embarrassing incident just now and wanted to cry.

Would Gu Lin Chao think that she was not a lady at all? Well, she was indeed not a lady.

Then would he think that her appetite was too big?


“No, the Regent will not dislike you.” Lu Qiao comforted.

When Wen Qi Qi listened to this, why did she feel a bit off?

“Who cares if he dislikes it or not?”

Lu Qiao covered her mouth and snickered.

Seeing this, Wen Qi Qi scolded with a laugh and was about to hit her.

“You girl, watch out!”

While the two girls were laughing and joking, Gu Lin Chao had already returned to the study.

His cold face was tinged with a smile. Although it was faint, Wang Hou De had served him for so long, he could see it at a glance.

The master is in a very good mood at the moment.

Wang Hou De said with certainty in his heart.

When he thought a little, he knew immediately who caused the good mood of the master.

Just now the master returned from Shen Xiang Courtyard. He found a letter had been left behind in the Princess’ rooms. Originally, such a small matter, the master would directly call him to fetch it, but the master did not let him run errands this time, but personally went to Shen Xiang Courtyard again.

When he returned from Shen Xiang Yuan, the master’s face was smiling.

Thinking of this, Wang Hou De also followed and smiled.

Gu Lin Chao happened to look up and saw this scene, frowned and said: “What are you giggling about?”

Wang Hou De said offhandedly, “When the master is laughing, the servant will laugh too.”

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