Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 128 – Wen Qi Qi Gets Pampered By Gu Lin Chao

“But it is still unclear whether there are any assassins lurking outside from Bei Di, and there could be danger at any time.” Gu Lin Chao said unquestionably, “You can walk around the mansion, but you can’t go out of the door.”

Wen Qi Qi beamed. She walked up to him and said disapprovingly, “You are too cautious. And even if there are, their target is not me, so what danger am I in?”

Gu Lin Chao looked at the girl standing in front of him, her height only reached his chest. He moved his feet, but did not step back, only his eyes looked elsewhere and reminded her, “But you killed one of their assassins, saved Princess Tuo and ruined their plans. You think, will they hold a grudge against you and seek revenge?”

When Wen Qi Qi heard this, her eyes widened in shock, “No way?”

Gu Lin Chao laughed, this girl got scared to easily. What happened to her bravery in killing the assassins yesterday?

Looking at the girl’s pale face, his fingers moved, as if he wanted to touch her head and comfort her, but finally gave up.

“Don’t worry, as long as you stay well in the Royal Residence, those assassins, no matter how bold they are, will not dare to sneak in.” He reassured her in a warm voice.

Wen Qi Qi was still a little frightened.

She came from a peaceful era and had never experienced blood and death. Yesterday she stabbed someone to death with her own hands, which already scared her to the point of fainting outright. Now she was told that the Bei Di assassins might seek revenge on her at any time in the future, so how could she play happily?

“Your Majesty, please teach me qigong.” She decided that she should practice her martial arts, otherwise her martial arts would be fine once, but if there were a few more assassins, her life would be over.

Thinking this, she subconsciously embraced his arm, gently shook it and softly begged, “Regent, just teach me.”

She knows that Gu Lin Chao’s martial arts is very good. If she can get his guidance or pointers, her martial arts will definitely be able to advance by leaps and bounds, and in the future, when she encounters an assassin again, she will not panic like yesterday.

At the very least, after learning the qigong, if she can’t beat the assassin, but she can still escape.

The more she thinks about it, the more she thinks it’s a good idea.

“Okay, Regent?” She shook his arm again, adding, “I am very smart, learn things quickly, and do not need you to take the time to teach every day. As long as you have time, just give me a few pointers.”

Gu Lin Chao’s mind was in turmoil at this time, and his dark eyes looked at her in a daze. When he heard the words she said later, his face, which had been taut, finally became a bit uncomfortable.

“Princess this self-praising skill is really ……”

“Really what?” Wen Qi Qi blinked her pretty peach blossom eyes and looked at him fixedly.

Gu Lin Chao turned away his gaze. The fingers in his sleeve, loosened and clenched.

This woman ……

For a long time, he pursed his thin lips and nodded his head in agreement, ” Okay.”

“Hey, you are so kind, Regent.” Wen Qi Qi said with gusto.

Gu Lin Chao brushed her hand away and didn’t dare to stay any longer, leaving with quick steps.

After he left, Wen Qi Qi was in the courtyard and began to practice punching and kicking.

She had been here for a long time, but she had not been exercising, so she was tired and sweaty after only a short while.

Therefore, one should not delay in treating oneself.

Wen Qi Qi decided that from tomorrow onwards, she would get up earlier to exercise and practice the martial arts she had learned.

Lu Qiao brought a cloth towel to wipe her sweat as well as tea for her.

“By the way Lu Qiao, how did I come back yesterday?”

Speaking of this, Lu Qiao said rather excitedly, “Miss, you were unconscious yesterday and were carried back by His Majesty himself.”

“The Regent carried me back?” Wen Qi Qi’s movement of drinking tea paused, and surprise flashed in her peach blossom eyes.

She knew that she was caught by Gu Lin Chao before she passed out, but, surprisingly, it was Gu Lin Chao who carried her back?!

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