Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 124 – Qi Qi Is In Danger

Seeing this, Xiao Yan put down the empty bowl and plate in his hand and followed.

The Tuo brother and sister sat down with Tuo Jiang Hua sitting next to Wen Qi Qi. They were eating the fish and exclaiming, “This fish is so delicious, how is it made?”

Wen Qi Qi explained, “It’s called bamboo baked fish, which means the marinated fish is put inside bamboo slices and then put it on the fire to cook. They will also roast it later, so you can take a look.”

Prince Tuo Qingye sighed, “The cuisine of Daye really lives up to its name. This simple-looking bamboo baked fish is so delicious.”

“This is really the best food I’ve ever eaten.” Tuo Jiang Hua also couldn’t help but praise.

Wen Qi Qi also felt that this bamboo slice baked fish was really too delicious.

“By the way, why did you guys make such a mess. Where did that uncle-in-law of mine, take you guys to?”

“Don’t mention it, we lost your carriage when we turned the corner halfway, and Duke Jing took us around like headless flies. After searching for half a day, we found our way here.” Tuo Jiang Hua said somewhat depressed.

Wen Qi Qi smiled and was a bit sheepish.

After all, it was Gu Lin Chao who told Si Yi to throw them away.

She didn’t ask anything more and lowered her head to eat the fish.

At this time, a sound of splitting air, suddenly came.

Like the sound of a sharp arrow piercing through the air.

Wen Qi Qi was startled. She threw away the plate in her hand, instinctively leaned back, and pulled down Jiang Hua, and the two of them rolled down the stone.

“Watch out!” At the same time, Tuo Qingye shouted, also rolled down from the stone.

Several sharp arrows passed through the place where the three were sitting and nailed the tree pole behind them.

Wen Qi Qi looked at the trembling tree branches, cold sweat slipped down from her forehead.

If she hadn’t reacted quickly, she would have been pierced through the chest by the arrow at this moment.

“There are assassins, hurry up and leave.” Tuo Qingye helped the two up.

However, before the three could make a move, several black-clad masked assassins, appeared to surround them.

As soon as Tuo Qingye drew the scimitar at his waist, he held the two of them behind him, “In a moment, you will run first, and I will hold them back.”

Tuo Jiang Hua pulled out the soft whip at her waist, “Brother, I won’t leave you behind.” She then turned her head toward Wen Qi Qi and said, “Qi Qi, run first, we’ll stop them.”

Wen Qi Qi sighed, “How can I be so unrighteous as to run away by myself? Since we are eating fish together, we should fight together!” With these words, she hooked her toe, and a bamboo piece was in her hand.

This piece of bamboo was just peeled down by Si Yi. One end is very sharp, unusually sharp.

The three looked at each other with a smile, each holding the weapons in their hands, and rushed towards the assassins.

Those assassins also rushed up with swords.

A vicious battle ensued.

Wen Qi Qi martial arts was good, but after all, she had never killed anyone, so when she faced the assassins who were so vicious and wanted to kill them, she was scared and confused.

These assassins were obviously prepared and their martial arts skills were not weak.

Wen Qi Qi’s close combat skills are fine, but when she encountered such desperate people, she was soon at a disadvantage after a fight.


The bamboo piece in her hand was cut into two halves by the assassin in the fight.

Seeing that the assassin’s knife was about to come at her, Wen Qi Qi immediately threw the bamboo piece in her hand with force. Then, while the assassin was swinging his knife to block, she jumped up and kicked the knife in the assassin’s hand with a roundhouse kick, and then kicked out with a flourish, hitting the assassin right in the face.

The assassin was sent flying by her kick.

She then rolled on the ground and picked up the knife that the assassin had left on the ground.

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