Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 119 – The Smoothness Of Your Fingertips

“Are the fish here so easy to hook?” She jumped at the chance and asked Wang Hou De to give her a fishing rod.

Then she flung the fish hook into the river in a plausible manner, after which she sat down on the rock next to Gu Lin Chao.

She propped one hand on her knee, held the fishing rod in one hand, and stared at the river with her eyes motionless.


At this moment, Gu Lin Chao’s fishing rod moved. He jerked his arm upward, and a fish, which was alive and jumping, leaped out of the water.

Wang Hou De said joyfully, “Master has caught another fish.”

Wen Qi Qi watched the fish fall into the bucket. She scowled and muttered, “It’s not great, it’s not even a big fish.” She can also catch a fish, and let him see what she can do later.

Gu Lin Chao glanced at her and pursed his lips, not saying anything.

Wen Qi Qi waited for a few more moments, but the surface of the river still did not move. And next to her Si Yi also caught a fish after Gu Lin Chao.

This time, Wen Qi Qi was a little anxious.

She was fishing the right way, but why didn’t the fish take the bait?

Just as she was thinking, Gu Lin Chao made another move.

This time, he caught a fat fish.

Wen Qi Qi stared at the fish and looked at it again and again. She thought that Gu Lin Chao’s bait was better. Why did all the fish go to his side?

She wondered if she should go to another place to fish.

At the very least, it should be far away from Gu Lin Chao.

With this in mind, she moved her buttocks and was about to get up when Gu Lin Chao’s eyes seemed to grow on the back of his head and he faintly said, “Patience is the most important thing in fishing. You have to be calm in order to catch fish.”

Wen Qi Qi responded with a frown, “I understand this truth, but how long has it been?” There was no movement at all on her side.

As she was thinking, she felt her fishing rod suddenly sink.

Her whole body froze there, forgetting to react.

At that moment, a hand suddenly reached out and took hold of her hand on the fishing rod, then helped her to lift the rod up.

A fat fish leaped out of the water.


The fat fish fell into the bucket and made a sound.

Wen Qi Qi blinked her eyes and finally reacted, excitedly pointing at herself and asking Gu Lin Chao, “This fish was caught by me?”

In Gu Lin Chao’s mind, he was still recalling the smoothness that he had just felt, and the touch still seemed to remain on his hand.

“I’m so good!” When she got an affirmative answer, Wen Qi Qi was so excited that she grabbed his sleeve and shook it, “Gu Lin Chao, look, I can catch fish too, and it’s even bigger than the one you caught.”

Gu Lin Chao’s gaze glanced at her hand grabbing his sleeve, paused and flung the fish hook back into the water for her.

“You haven’t caught any fish before?” He asked lightly.

“No.” Wen Qi Qi was still immersed in the excitement of catching a fish.

“This King originally thought you were experienced.” Gu Lin Chao suddenly turned his head and gave her a look.

Wen Qi Qi saw this, froze, suddenly remembered the last time she fished in the Residence garden. She couldn’t help but feel a little guilty, “I just don’t know how to fish, that’s why I used a fishing rod without a hook that day.”

Wait, Gu Lin Chao suddenly coming here on a whim to fish, it would not be for her, right?

Otherwise, how could it be so coincidental that after bumping into her playing with a fishing rod in the garden, he thought of coming here to fish.

He is the Regent of the Imperial court, and he is even busier than the Emperor in his daily life, so how could he suddenly have such a leisurely mood?

As she thought about it, she stared at him with a gleaming gaze.

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