Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 117 – Tempted To Pick It

He raised his hand to spread his lapel a bit, but his gaze was uncontrollable and couldn’t help but fall on her slightly opened red lips ……

Her lips are not that pink color. They are a deeper, a red color. Her mouth is very nice, small and soft, like a red flower just blooming on a branch, tempting people to pick it ……

Aware of what he thought and that he should not think it, Gu Lin Chao’s eyes darkened, filled with some panic and he turned away. He raised his hand to pour himself a glass of water to drink.

After drinking, he realized that this was the cup that Wen Qi Qi had just drunk out of ……

Gu Lin Chao: “……”

He put the cup back on the table in a mess and picked up the book again to read it, but he couldn’t read a single word.

Wen Qi Qi did not know what happened during this interval when she was asleep as she slept soundly.

Because of her previous occupation in modern times, she has developed the habit of sleeping whenever and wherever she wants. She is exceptionally alert, except, of course, when she is particularly tired.

At this moment, as soon as the carriage stopped, she woke up, and rubbed her drowsy eyes and asked, “Your Majesty, are we there yet?”

Gu Lin Chao saw that she was awake, put down his book, gave a low “hmm” sound, and took the lead to go out.

She felt that Gu Ling Chao seemed different after she woke up from a nap, but she couldn’t tell what was different.

She couldn’t figure it out, so she didn’t think about it anymore. After stretching her legs, she also got up and walked out.

After getting off the carriage, she realized that this was actually a quiet bamboo forest, and the three people who were originally following the carriage, namely Xiao Yan, were nowhere to be seen.

She turned her head and looked around, but she didn’t see their shadows, so she wondered in her heart.

Could it be that while she was asleep, Xiao Yan and the others had gone elsewhere to play?

Moreover, this place is surrounded by bamboo, where can you fish ah.

She turned her head to look at Gu Lin Chao, “Your Majesty, where are the fish?”

Gu Lin Chao didn’t look at her, and said to Si Yi, “Lead the way.”

“Yes.” Si Yi respectfully replied, and led the way ahead.

Wang Hou De said attentively, “Your Highness, the road is not easy to walk, let me help you.”

Wen Qi Qi looked at the path in front of her. It was a bit uneven and stony, but it was not a difficult task for her.

But looking at Wang Hou De’s extraordinarily attentive appearance, she really couldn’t bear to brush off his kindness, so she nodded, “Thank you, Eunuch Wang.” When she was about to put her hand on his arm, she heard Gu Lin Chao’s voice say in a low, cold voice, “Wang Hou De, go get the fishing gear.”

Wang Hou De: “……”

He looked at him with difficulty, and then looked at Wen Qi Qi.

Wen Qi Qi withdrew her hand and said kindly, “Eunuch Wang, I am fine, I can walk by myself, you go get it.”

Wang Hou De sighed and looked at his master with a bit of difficulty.

He did not support the Princess, and did not allow him to support her. He was so unreasonable, no wonder the Princess still refused to consummate the marriage with him. It was not without reason.

He secretly spat in his heart, but when he received the cold glance from his master, his back was cold and he quickly ran to get the fishing gear.

Wen Qi Qi found that since she had woken up, Gu Lin Chao had not even looked at her.

It was so strange.

“Let’s go.” Gu Lin Chao said indifferently, and walked forward.

Wen Qi Qi followed behind him.

The path was not very good, and Gu Lin Chao’s fingers in his sleeve twitched. He was a little worried that Wen Qi Qi might fall.

After walking a few steps, he finally couldn’t help but whisper, “Be careful, the path is not good.”

The girl’s white and slender hand was handed to him, “It’s better for Your Majesty to hold this Consort.”

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