Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 106 – Gu Lin Chao Is Jealous

When the two arrived at the front hall, the two siblings were already drinking tea.

Seeing them enter, the two siblings got up and saluted, “Regent Prince, Wang Fei.”

Gu Lin Chao said indifferently, “No need to be formal, sit down.”

Tuo Qingye felt that today he seems to be a bit unfriendly to himself, touched his nose. He did not want to make a mistake, so he turned to look at Wen Qi Qi and did not hide his amazement, “Wang Fei is really the most beautiful person this Prince has ever seen.”

Gu Lin Chao’s ice like gaze, coldly glanced at him.

He naturally knew that the people of Huijiang, unlike the Daye Dynasty who had so many rules and manners, were frank and straightforward by nature. They did not know how to beat around the bush and said what was on their mind.

But when he heard another man praising Wen Qi Qi in such a direct manner with admiration, a wave of discomfort came over him.

His already cold complexion was now more gloomy, and he sneered, ‘Surely a barbarian, so abrupt and rude.’

Wen Qi Qi did not notice his strange appearance, but was happy to be praised. She immediately said, “The Prince is also very handsome today.”

When Gu Lin Chao heard this, his gloomy face became more sullen and unhappy.

This woman, Wen Qi Qi, really does not know how to be ashamed.

As a woman, how dare she praise another man in front of him, her husband, Does she think he is dead?

Besides, what’s so handsome about Tuo Qingye?

Is there something wrong with her eyes?

Wang Hou De and Si Yi, who were waiting outside the door, both felt the cold air pressure released from their master’s body, and they took a few more steps back and rubbed their arms.

Tuo Qingye’s back suddenly felt a chill. Inexplicably, he felt a little cold, but in the face of the beauty’s praise, he couldn’t help but laugh, and then said without regret, “Pity, what a pity.”

Wen Qi Qi rubbed her nose, feeling a little itchy. Could it be that someone was cursing her behind her back?

Smiling, she asked curiously, “What’s the pity?”

“It’s a pity that the Princess has already married the Regent, otherwise this Prince would have married you back.” Tuo Qingye said bluntly.

Hearing this, Wen Qi Qi finally remembered the Gu Lin Chao next to her, and suddenly had a sense of danger.

This Prince Tuo, did he have to say these words in front of Gu Lin Chao?

She was just about to say something to remedy the situation when a shadow suddenly fell on top of her head.

When she looked up, she saw Gu Lin Chao suddenly stand between her and Tuo Qingye.

Immediately after, a voice of a certain regent seemed to be wrapped in frost slowly sounded, “Prince Tuo, if there is no other business, you can go. This King still has things to deal with, sorry for not entertaining.”

Tuo Qingye froze. Even if he was slow, he heard his expulsion order, “I’m not leaving yet. ……”

“You are not welcome in the Regent’s Mansion.” Gu Lin Chao glanced at him with a cool gaze.

Tuo Qingye immediately felt as if he was being pinched by somebody in his vitals and he was in danger of suffocating.

Did he offend him somewhere?

He was puzzled and touched his nose awkwardly.

Wen Qi Qi looked at the cool looking Gu Lin Chao and gulped.

This guy looks the same as usual, but the coldness emanating from his body has an intimidating chill that only a fool would not feel.

He couldn’t be concerned about what Tuo Qingye just said, could he?

As she thought about it, she went up and wrapped her arms around him with a strong desire to live, and looked at Tuo Qingye with a disgusted look.

“The Prince is not bad looking, but compared to our Regent, you look too ordinary. You can not compare with our Regent at all, even if I am not married to the Regent, I would not take a look at you.

This is because any woman who has seen the Regent will never look at another man again. In my eyes, there is only our family’s Regent, and in this life, I will only be devoted to our family’s Regent, and I will never change my mind.”

Translators Note:: Qingye out here catching stray bullets

Edited by EllieKit

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