Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 104 – The Beautiful Wen Qi Qi

The ability of his eldest son is unquestionable. Although he has always stood out among the young talents, his qualifications are still shallow, so how could the Emperor suddenly promote him to the Ministry of Officials?

The Ministry of Justice is the head of the six ministries, and has always been in charge of the assessment, promotion, appointment and removal of officials, with great power.

Although Ting Yun went to Jinzhou this time, and had great achievements in handling the case, and with his merits, him being promoted to the Ministry of Justice is enough. But the Ministry of Justice is not like the Ministry of Officials, and the Emperor promoted him to the Ministry of Officials all of a sudden, which is too surprising.

The most delighted person in the room was the Old Madam Wen. She was proud of her eldest grandson’s success, but when she saw her grandson’s hesitation, she had to hold back her happiness and asked, “Does Ting Yun have any worries?”

Wen Ting Yun smiled bitterly, “I’m afraid it’s the Regent’s wish this time.”

Wen Ting Xuan was surprised, “Big Brother is saying that this time you were promoted directly to the Ministry of Officials because of the Regent, and that he recommended you to the Emperor?”

“I’m afraid so.” Wen Ting Yun nodded and looked at Old Madam Wen, “I’m afraid that the Regent did this because of Qi Qi.”

Old Madam Wen was stunned and had mixed feelings in her heart.

She is not stupid. If it was the Regent who secretly contributed to the promotion of the eldest grandson to the Minister of Officials, then it goes without saying that it was naturally for the sake of Wen Qi Qi.

The granddaughter that she had always looked down on and even disliked ……

She still has some disbelief that it is because of Wen Qi Qi.

“It’s not necessarily the Regent who made the difference, you did an excellent job on the case this time. Maybe the Emperor saw your ability and that’s why he promoted you ……”

Throughout the entire Wen family, she was the only one who was still deceiving herself and others.

The others saw her like this and did not argue with her. She had always been prejudiced against Qi Qi, so how could she believe that the Regent had recommended Ting Yun for the sake of Qi Qi?

Wen Ting Yun pondered for a moment and then got up and said, “I will go to the Regent’s Residence.”

Wen Shi Qing saw this and stopped him, “Go back in a couple of days, you are now promoted to the Ministry of Officials at once. I’m afraid you have attracted the attention of many people, and there are probably many people secretly watching our family. If you go to the Regent’s Residence just after receiving the Imperial decree, isn’t it a clear indication to others that you were promoted because of the Regent? We can’t let the Regent be criticized.”

Wen Ting Yun smiled and blamed himself quite a bit, “I was the one who was in a hurry and didn’t think about this.”

Wen Shi Qing sighed. His eldest son has always been stable and intelligent, if not for today’s incident, which troubled him, how could he not have thought of this crucial point?

“You don’t need to think too much. With your ability, you are absolutely competent for this position. Although there may be a part played by Qi Qi in this, the Regent has never been a nepotistic person. He promoted you because he recognized your ability, if you didn’t have that ability, he wouldn’t have used you even if he treated Qi Qi well.”

“This Son understands.” Wen Ting Yun was enlightened and nodded his head.

Wen Shi Qing’s face showed relief.

The Regent’s Residence.

Gu Lin Chao came back very early today, having specially postponed his political duties.

He was just about to instruct Wang Hou De to invite Wen Qi Qi from Shen Xiang Courtyard, when he saw her coming from the corridor. She wore a bright red dress, which set off her already outstandingly beautiful face, making it even more lush and beautiful. With snow-white skin, like the finest lamb’s-fat white jade, and a slender and graceful posture, her bright eyes were good-looking and enchanting ……

Gu Lin Chao looked stunned.

Translators Note::

Chinese Authors 🤝 Pure White skin like lamb-fat/jade/snow 🙄

Ellie Note: Unrefined animal fat has a yellow tinge to it, so using lamb-fat to describe how white someone is has always made me chuckle a little.

Edited by EllieKit

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! 💕

    The descriptions of skin like animal fat was always one that made me think twice- until I finally looked it up! White jade, or nephrite, is also commonly known as mutton-fat jade. Lower quality white jade is translucent and yellowish in color (like animal fat) and higher quality is nearly pure white in color. Skin that’s white like the “finest mutton-fat jade” just means that it’s really white. Hope that helps!

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