Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 99 – Face Is Not Red, Heart Is Not Beating

Xu Shi smiled, thinking of what her husband had just said at Fu An Hall, and she couldn’t help but laugh: “No wonder you said you hadn’t seen Wen Ruyi from the beginning and had to clear your relationship with her.”

Lu Ying Ying complimented, “Father is wise.”

Wen Shi Qing laughed, “It was what Qi Qi said in the Palace that reminded me. She is right. Our Wen House should cut off the relationship with Wen Ruyi. However, I am afraid that your grandmother’s side will still not give up, so you all keep an eye on her and don’t let her have any connection with Wen Ruyi.”

“Got it.” Several people promised.

“However, I was really surprised by Qi Qi’s performance at the banquet today. That girl, when did she learn martial arts?” Xu Shi frowned, realizing that she didn’t understand this daughter of hers at all.

She was most worried and anxious about her little girl, but she was still the most unusual one.

She feels like she doesn’t know this daughter anymore.

When she said that, several people were silent.

Wen Ting Xuan immediately said, “The martial arts of Qi Qi was taught by me.”

“You?” Everyone looked at him suspiciously.

This brother and sister, they all knew how much they didn’t treat each other well before, so they expressed deep disbelief at what he was saying now.

“That girl is not as naive and unworldly as she appears. She has a lot on her mind, she was secretly begging me to teach her. She said she wanted to protect our family, so that’s why I taught her.” Wen Ting Xuan said without a red face or a jumping heart.

The people originally did not believe his words, but thinking of the sentence he said about Qi Qi wanting to protect their family, their hearts were instantly touched to.

“It seems that that girl has been hiding her clumsiness.” Wen Ting Yun smiled lightly, with the pride of being the eldest brother in his eyes.

Wen Shi Qing nodded, his face showing his relief, “So it seems that this is indeed the case.”

Xu Shi and Lu Ying Ying also did not doubt anymore.

Seeing this, Wen Ting Xuan was secretly relieved.

Wen Qi Qi still did not know that her cheap second brother had solved a pile of doubts her family had about her.

The following day, court was in session.

Recently, there was no war in Daye, so there were no major matters to discuss.

But what Gu Heng didn’t expect was that as soon as the court started, the courtiers wrote a petition asking him to appoint an Empress and concubines to enrich the harem.

He was stunned, a little caught off guard by the courtiers’ petitions, and subconsciously looked at Gu Lin Chao to the side, “Imperial Uncle, I ……”

Gu Lin Chao glanced at him and said lightly, “Your Imperial Majesty has indeed reached the age of establishing an Empress, now that the harem is empty, Your Imperial Majesty should listen to the advice of the ministers and select virtuous women to be included in the Palace.”

“I also ask Your Imperial Majesty to establish an Empress and accept concubines to enrich the harem.” The ministers immediately knelt down and bowed.

Gu Heng’s brows knitted together, somewhat at a loss as to what to do.

He had thought about the establishment of an Empress before, but when this day came unexpectedly, he couldn’t help but be a little confused.

After a few moments, he said, “Then I wonder if Imperial Uncle and all the beloved ministers have suitable candidates for my consideration.”

Gu Lin Chao pondered for a moment before saying, “I will have the Ministry of Rites select suitable women and make a list of names for Your Majesty’s perusal.”

“In that case, it will be hard for Imperial Uncle and all the beloved ministers.” Gu Heng secretly sighed with relief.

It was okay if they hadn’t decided on a lady.

He was afraid that they already had a candidate and wanted to shove it down his throat.

At this time, a eunuch hurriedly came in outside the hall, “Your Imperial Majesty, the Prince of Huijiang along with the Princess of Huijiang are here to see you.”

Gu Heng frowned, a little surprised, but still said: “Let them enter.”

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