Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 88 – Up For A Match

Wen Qi Qi groaned in her heart, but she did not refute Gu Lin Chao “s words.

Instead, she took the wine jug, poured him a cup of wine, and then diligently brought it to him, “Your Majesty.”

Gu Lin Chao glanced at her, reached out to take it, and then lifted his cup to Tuo Qingye from afar.

Tuo Qingye had no choice but to drink the wine.

Just as she sat down, Princess Huijiang, who had not spoken, suddenly raised her voice and said, “Drinking and eating food, what’s the point. I wonder if the Regent Consort would dare to have a match with this Princess?”

The whole room was quiet.

The noble ladies covered their mouths and snickered.

The Princess of Huijiang was really from the barbaric land. She had such a barbaric proposal, but she wanted to compete with Wen Qi Qi. Did she also want to wrestle with Wen Qi Qi?

Two women wrestling, what a laugh.

How could Wen Qi Qi, who was so pretentious, be in the ring?

The Daye officials were also taken aback by Princess Huijiang’s proposal.

The Regent Consort is noble and elegant, how could she do such a brutal act?

Some officials were just about to rise and accuse, when they heard Wen Qi Qi speak up.

“I wonder how Princess Tuo would like to compete with this Princess Consort?”

“I heard from my Brother that the Regent Princess has amazing strength, so this Princess would like to learn a thing or two.” The Princess of Huijiang said.

Wen Qi Qi glanced at Tuo Qingye, so the originator was him?

“I don’t dare to. This Princess Consort has no strength, how can I be a match for Princess Huijiang?”

The Princess of Huijiang smiled and looked at her own brother, as if she was saying he was exaggerating.

“Hmph, this Princess sees it too. A delicate beauty like the Regent Princess, I’m afraid she can’t even lift a chicken.”

“Princess is joking. Other chickens, this Princess Consort does not dare to guarantee, but the chicken of the Princess, this Princess Consort may still be able to carry one or two.” Wen Qi Qi glanced at her and faintly raised her eyebrows.



The officials of Daye could not help but laugh out loud.

The Huijiang Princess was so angry that her face turned red and she slapped the table hard, “What are you talking about?”

“I think the Princess’ ears, should be able to hear it right.” Wen Qi Qi said unhurriedly.

This is to say that her ears are not good?

The Princess of Huijiang put one hand over her heart and almost vomited blood from anger.

“If you are a brave warrior, you can fight with this Princess.” She stepped out from behind the table with an aggressive attitude.

Wen Qi Qi remained calm and collected, and her hand gestured around her, “All the good men here are good men, does the Princess want them to fight together?”

The military generals pinched their fingers in time.

The sound of “click, click, click” is unending.

The Princess of Huijiang gave a start. It was only after a quick scan that she realized she seemed to have said something inappropriate.

She was a little short of breath, but she tilted her face, bluffed and said: “This Princess is talking about you, the Regent Princess. If you’re not a good fighter, you may not be a match for me, but if you’re a good fighter, you’re definitely still lose to me. Do you dare to fight? Or is the Regent Princess too weak to compete with this Princess?”

This, this, this is really too arrogant!

The officials on Daye’s side were so furious that they wanted to take action against this arrogant princess.

Their eyes were unanimously directed at Wen Qi Qi, and they all wanted to fight for her.

Even Gu Heng’s gaze was directed at Wen Qi Qi.

Wen Qi Qi felt that if she continued to cower here, it would really make people think that she was afraid of this barbarian princess.

“Since Princess Tuo is so eager to spar with this Princess Consort, if this Princess Consort does not allow it, you will not be able to sleep when you return. So, this Princess Consort will play with you.” Saying that, she went to untie the belt around her waist.

Gu Lin Chao saw the corner of her eyes twitch. He reached out to stop her and said unhappily: “What are you doing.”

Translators Note: Another cannon fodder here to deliver themselves for a beating

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