Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 84 – This Woman’s Mouth, Is Very Powerful Indeed

As if she didn’t notice the sudden silence, she murmured, “I’ve talked too much, I’m thirsty.” She looked down to find water to drink. At that moment, a slender hand, brought the water cup to her hand.

She froze and turned her head to see that it was Gu Lin Chao. She was surprised, but quickly burst into a smile, “Many thanks, Your Majesty.”

After saying thanks, she picked up the water cup and slowly sipped it.

The warm water, sliding across her throat, finally made her dry throat much more comfortable.

Gu Lin Chao glanced at her and withdrew his gaze.

This woman’s mouth, indeed, is very powerful.

She did not say that Wen Ruyi had made any mistakes, but what she said made people associate it with unforgivable guilt.

And she did not directly speak of Wen Ruyi’s memory loss, but the words let people who heard it understand that Wen Ruyi’s memory loss is faked, in order to escape the guilt.

In the future, if Old Madam Wen continued to favor Wen Ruyi, it would be said that she was foolish.

Moreover, in a few words, Wen Qi Qi has removed the relationship between the Wen Family and Wen Ruyi. If Wen Ruyi offends the Emperor one day, the Emperor will be mindful of today’s incident and will not be able to make trouble with the Wen Family.

Very clever!

The corner of his mouth curled up.

Indeed, as Gu Ling Chao thought, after listening to Wen Qi Qi’s words, all the people present were already in agreement.

They didn’t expect Wen Ruyi to be that kind of person.

Obviously, she is the adopted daughter of the Wen Family and has received a great favor from the Wen Family, but she is extremely willing to forget her relationship with the Wen Family.

The people despised her.

Gu Heng’s mind was in turmoil and complicated at this time.

He looked at Wen Ruyi with some bewilderment. When he saw her face was so pale and frightened, he wanted to say something to comfort her, but for a while, he didn’t know what to say. His heart was in turmoil.

A few moments later, he pursed his lips and walked towards the high seat. He didn’t even look at Wen Ruyi again.

When Wen Ruyi saw this, her whole body felt like she had fallen into an ice cave and was trembling.

Although Gu Heng didn’t say anything, but his sudden coldness to her was more hurtful than any words.

This slut, Wen Qi Qi, ruined everything she had carefully designed with just a few words.

She clutched her handkerchief tightly so as not to scream on the spot.

The most delighted person in the room was Empress Dowager Guo.

In the past few days, because Gu Heng was protecting Wen Ruyi, she was not able to take action against her. Now, because of a few words from Wen Qi Qi, she made Gu Heng question Wen Ruyi, which is like an attack from a bloodless sword.

She glanced at Wen Qi Qi as she felt pain in her heart.

She had really underestimated her, thinking that she was just a pretty face.

“Liu Changzhi’s face doesn’t look too good. Is it because your body is not feeling well?” She looked at Wen Ruyi and asked with concern.

Wen Ruyi was just about to deny it, but Gu Heng’s voice had already sounded, “Someone, send Liu Changzhi back.”

Wen Ruyi’s nails fiercely pinched into her palm.

Now, she didn’t even have a reason to stay here.

Gu Heng has already spoken. If she stays longer, she will only make a fool of herself.

When she was leaving, her eyes swept over Wen Qi Qi.

Seeing her sitting beside Gu Ling Chao in all her beauty and splendor, enjoying supreme glory, the jealousy in her heart was close to annihilating her.

She would not let it go like this. One day, she would trample Wen Qi Qi into the mud.

She withdrew her gaze and followed the palace staff out of Qionglu Hall in a terrible state.

The matter of Wen Ruyi was like a garnish at the banquet, once she left, everyone’s attention was turned to the Prince and Princess of Huijiang.

Even Wen Qi Qi couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

It was because the clothes they were wearing were full of exotic style, completely different from the ones of Daye.

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