Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 82 – It’s Really Humiliating

While the crowd was still speculating about the identity of this woman, Wen Qi Qi narrowed her eyes.

Wen Ruyi!

It really was her!

She couldn’t have imagined that Gu Heng would think so highly of her that he would bring her along to such an important occasion.

Not far away, Wen Shi Qing and Xu Shi, and others, were also greatly surprised. They obviously didn’t expect that at today’s palace banquet, Wen Ruyi could appear as an imperial concubine.

“So she is the Emperor’s newly appointed Liu Changzhi……” (Changzhi translates to First Attendant Rank. There are 8 ranks in total where 1 = Empress. This is the second lowest ranking 7 of 8)

The voices of the women talking in low voices came from the side.

Wen Qi Qi froze. It turned out that Wen Ruyi was conferred by Gu Heng as a Changzhi.

Although the position was low, Wen Ruyi was the first woman to enter Gu Heng’s harem.

So even though it seems that Wen Ruyi did not start at the heavens like the original book and was directly crowned Empress, she should also be highly valued by Gu Heng.

“…… also do not know where this Liu Changzhi is from. How dare she make the Emperor think so highly of her.” A woman’s whispering voice came.

Wen Qi Qi’s eyes turned, and she abruptly stood up and looked at Wen Ruyi with a stunned face, crying out in disbelief, “So, Third Sister really entered the Palace. Originally, I did not believe it, but now that I have seen it with my own eyes, I know it is true ……”

The whole room was quiet.

Immediately afterwards, the voices of the people talking became louder.

“What’s going on?”

“It seems that the Regent Consort knows Liu Changzhi.”

“Didn’t you hear the Regent Consort call out to Third Sister? Isn’t this Liu Changzhi the Third Miss of the Duke of Ding’s Mansion?”

“But I heard someone say some time ago that she was caught in the act of meeting a man at night, and the Duke of Ding was so disappointed that he sent her to the manor to let her reflect on her mistakes. How come she didn’t stay in the manor, but came to the Palace?”

“It’s really strange, she is a weak girl so how did she get into the Palace?”

The crowd was both surprised and curious, but the gaze towards Wen Ruyi, without exception, was contemptuous and despicable.

How did she get into the Palace? She must have used some unorthodox means, right?

The people have already convicted Wen Ruyi in their hearts.

Wen Ruyi did not expect that on such an occasion today, Wen Qi Qi would call her directly.

When she called her, the eyes of all those people fell on her, either to gawk at her or to despise her, making her extremely uncomfortable.

She clutched the handkerchief in her hand and hated her to death, but at this time, she could only act timid and hide behind Gu Heng.

Gu Heng frowned and directly held her hand, and warmly comforted, “Don’t be afraid.”

When Dowager Empress Guo saw this, her face sank and gloom flashed between her brows.

This Liu’er was seemingly soft and easy to bully, but these days in the Palace, she refused to please her. Because of this Liu’er, she was separated from her son again.

She was so angry in her heart that she was worried that she could not deal with Wen Ruyi, but when she saw Wen Qi Qi taking the initiative to step forward, she was happy, but she did not show her face. She followed her words and asked, “Does the Regent Consort know Liu’er?”

“Liu’er?” Wen Qi Qi froze for a moment, then giggled, “Her name is Wen Ruyi, not Liu’er, she is the adopted daughter of our Wen House.” After saying that, her eyes fell on Wen Ruyi and asked curiously, “When did Third Sister change her name?”

Her words revealed too much information, and the crowd immediately understood.

It turned out that this Liu Changzhi was really the third young lady of the Duke of Ding’s Mansion.

But why did she change her name? Was it because she hated the Duke of Ding for throwing her away to the village?

The people were guessing again in their hearts.

Wen Ruyi timidly hid behind Gu Heng and said, “I don’t know you, I don’t understand what you’re talking about?”

Wen Qi Qi looked stunned, and suddenly came out from behind the table. She looked at her for a long time and said with certainty, “You and I grew up together, I can’t possibly mistake you because you are my Third Sister, Wen Ruyi. But Third Sister, why do you say you do not know me?”

After a pause, she seemed to think of something and said with a frown, “Third Sister would not still hold a grudge against Father and Mother for sending you to the village to recuperate, right? But you also have to be considerate of the Elders ah. After all, that day you did that kind of thing, it was really damaging to the face of our Duke’s family……”

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