Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 70 – Gu Lin Chao’s Sulking Face

Wang Hou De almost laughed out loud and said seriously, “No, after all, the Princess is Master’s wife. Perhaps in a short time, when Master thinks about it, he will release you from the confinement.”

Wen Qi Qi fell on her buttocks and sat down on the chair, covering her face with both hands, and said sadly, “Heaven, what kind of sin have I committed?”

Wang Hou De felt that he could not stay any longer, otherwise he would have to give up his work, so he hastily handed over the brush, ink, paper, ink and scriptures he had brought to Lu Qiao.

“The servant will go back first.”

“Miss, this ……” Lu Qiao looked at the things in her hand, and then looked at the lifeless Wen Qi Qi, hesitated and said, “Should this servant copy it for you?”

“You know how to write?” Wen Qi Qi’s eyes lit up.

Lu Qiao scratched her head, “I know a few characters. This servant is willing to learn for Miss.”

Wen Qi Qi: “……”

Well, she expected too much from Lu Qiao.

“It’s fine if you have this heart, but you don’t have to learn it especially for me, I can just copy it myself.”

“Oh.” Lu Qiao felt that she was too useless to help her Miss, so she sighed and turned around to spread the brush, ink, paper and stone on the table before opening up the scriptures.

Wen Qi Qi took a deep breath, rolled up her sleeves, squatted down on a chair, picked up a brush and dipped it into the ink, then splashed the ink on the white paper.

Lu Qiao looked at her and thought her calligraphy had improved. But when she took a closer look, she realized what she was writing. ……

The next day, the study.

Gu Lin Chao was dealing with government affairs, when Wang Hou De walked in holding a stack of papers.

“Master, the Princess Consort sent someone to bring the copied scriptures.”

Gu Lin Chao paused, before his cold clear voice said, “Present it.”

“Yes.” Wang Hou De placed the scriptures in his hand, onto the table in front of him.

Gu Ling Chao frowned at the dog scrawl handwriting in front of him, raised his hand and rubbed his brow.

Wen Qi Qi was really without substance.

He endured the pain of having his eyes destroyed and opened another one, and this time, his handsome face abruptly sank.

Wang Hou De came close to look at it and bit his finger in fear.

On that paper, there was not a word, but there was a delicate drawing of a bastard.

In fact, there is nothing written on it, but the Master gave the scriptures to the Princess on purpose. Since the Princess specially drew such a bastard, is it not scolding the Master?

Wang Hou De hurriedly took two steps back, not daring to look at his master’s face.

Gu Lin Chao huffed and slapped his palm on the table, and his face was dark, “Call the Princess Consort!”

“Yes.” Wang Hou De did not dare to be slow, and hurried to go.

“Forget it, this King will go there personally.” Gu Lin Chao stood up, grabbed the stack of papers on the table, and left the study.

Shen Xiang courtyard.

The subordinates who were sweeping the courtyard were so surprised to see Gu Lin Chao walking in that they forgot to go in and notify Wen Qi Qi.

It was only when Gu Lin Chao entered the main room in a cold mood that the people woke up as if from a dream.

This was the first time in a long time that the Regent had come to Shen Xiang Yuan.

In the house, Wen Qi Qi tied her hair in a bun, rolled up her sleeves, and crouched on the circular chair, while writing furiously. All the while, she took time to eat the grapes fed by Lu Qiao.

The grapes were tributes from foreign countries, and there were only a few baskets in total. The Palace kept one basket and sent one basket to the Regent’s Residence, while the rest were distributed to the ministers.

Gu Lin Chao naturally did not eat these things, so they all went into Wen Qi Qi’s stomach.

When Gu Lin Chao came in, he saw such a scene.

Wen Qi Qi’s appearance did not look like she was grounded.


The grapes that Lu Qiao had peeled were about to be fed into Wen Qi Qi’s mouth, but they suddenly fell onto the table.

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