Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 34– No Wonder Master Wouldn’t Even Look At Her

Chapter 34 – No wonder the Master couldn’t even take a glance at her

“Let’s see what kind of crooked book you have prepared for the Master?” Si Yi slowly and methodically turned the pages of the book.

Wang Hou De was so anxious that he flew over, “This is what I prepared for my Master, you are not allowed to read it!”

Si Yi was not prepared for his sudden lunge. He stumbled and took a few steps backward, but at the same time he couldn’t hold on to the booklet in his hand and it flew out of his hand.

Wang Hou De froze, his gaze following the direction in which the booklet flew past.


The pamphlet coincidentally smashed right into the face of Mei Yan, who came over from behind him.

Wang Hou De: “……”

Si Yi: “……”

Mei Yan was confused by the object hitting her face. When she saw what had landed at her feet, her face twisted and she leaned down to pick up the booklet, “Who, who hit me?”

She twisted her head and saw Wang Hou De and Si Yi holding each other, and the expression on her face like she had seen a ghost, “You, you….”

Si Yi reacted and kicked Wang Hou De away.


Wang Hou De fell in dog poo.

“Brat!” He struggled to get up from the ground and was just about to settle the score with Si Yi when he saw Mei Yan looking down at the pamphlet. His face changed and he rushed over and snatched it back with a single chop, “You are too rude, how can you just look through it without anyone’s consent? What’s more, this booklet is the one I prepared for my Master ……”

After saying that, he saw Mei Yan’s face full of red.

“You saw it?”

Mei Yan bit her lip. She didn’t say anything, turned around and ran away.

Wang Hou De sighed and patted the dust-stains on the booklet.

When he saw the powder on the corners of the booklet, he frowned and said with disgust, “No wonder the Master wouldn’t look at her, her powder is really thick.”

After Wen Qi Qi went to the Lu Mansion, she took her sister-in-law, Lu Ying Ying, back to the Wen Mansion.

Wen Qi Qi held Lu Ying Ying’s hand and got off the carriage, “Sister-in-law, be careful with your feet.”

Lu Ying Ying looked at her blankly. At this moment, she still felt that it was unreal.

If it were not for the fact that Qi Qi’s face was still the same, she would have thought that Qi Qi was being impersonated by someone else.

This little sister-in-law has always been haughty and has never given her a good look since she married into the Wen Family.

But today, she came to Lu’s Mansion to pick her up personally.

She was very surprised, and at the same time, she also had doubts in her heart.

After she stood firmly on the ground, she asked softly, “Is there something wrong with Qi Qi?”

As soon as Wen Qi Qi heard this, she knew what she was thinking.

The original owner did not have a good relationship with Lu Ying Ying. Now that she suddenly went to pick her up personally, it would be strange for her to not think more.

“Sister-in-law don’t think too much. I don’t have anything to do today, and I happen to be going back to the Wen Mansion, so I went to pick you up on the way.” After a pause, she continued, “I used to be ignorant in the past. Sister-in-law, don’t take it to heart.”

Lu Ying Ying smiled and looked surprised, “Qi Qi you ……”

Wen Qi Qi held her hand and said teasingly, “Sister-in-law is pregnant now. If I continue to be as naughty as before, Big Brother will not spare me when he returns.”

Lu Ying Ying smiled as she said, “I haven’t seen you for a few days, Qi Qi has changed a lot.”

“People will always grow up.” Wen Qi Qi said.

Lu Ying Ying replied heartily, “Your big brother will be very happy to see you like this when he comes back.”

Wen Qi Qi dropped her head and said, “Are you trying to say that Big Brother didn’t treat me well before?”

Lu Ying Ying said sharply, “Of course not, your big brother loves you……”

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