Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 31– How Did Things Turn Out Like This?

Wen Ruyi was so vicious that she clearly wanted to kill Qi Qi. Even if her trick did not work, she had the intention of killing Qi Qi in her heart.

If they continue to keep such a person in the house, it would be too bad for Qi Qi, and they themselves would feel bad.

The more Xu Shi thought about it, the more she was afraid. She should not have been soft on a snake like Wen Ruyi.

“Wen Ruyi can’t stay in the Wen Mansion, I don’t want to see her for another moment.” She said angrily and hatefully. At the same time, she felt self-condemnation in her heart. When she saw Wen Ruyi’s amnesia and pitiful appearance, she had forgotten that she wanted to harm Qi Qi.

Wen Shi Qing patted her hand comfortingly, “Even though she has lost her memory now, she has a malicious mind. There is no guarantee that she would not harm Qi Qi again. Since that is the case, send someone to send her to the village as soon as possible, and have someone watch her. If she has any more thoughts, there is no need to be merciful, just throw her out.”

Xu Shi nodded, “Good, I’ll order it done now.”

When Lu Qiao heard this, she was relieved.

As expected, when they heard that Miss was in a bad mood because of Wen Ruyi, the Duke and Lady couldn’t wait to send her away.


Wen Ruyi was sitting on the bed with her long hair spread out.

The back of her head has been wrapped with gauze at this time because of the injury she received.

Although she escaped with the excuse of memory loss, at this moment, she still has lingering fears in her heart.

What happened last night was too fishy.

First, Wen Qi Qi seemed to have figured out her purpose. Not only did she not go to the back door for the appointment, but she was tricked into going.

Then, Xue Zi Yu fell into Gu Lin Chao’s hands, and Gu Lin Chao got Xue Zi Yu to testify about her desire to harm Wen Qi Qi.

Later, she pretended to be unconscious to escape, but to her surprise, Gu Lin Chao took out the anonymous letter she wrote and gave it to Wen Shi Qing.

With that letter, she could not even try to justify or excuse herself.

It’s a good thing she thought of the excuse of memory loss.

However, last night’s incident was still too fishy.

She had planned it so well, but the whole thing was disrupted.

Not only did she not harm Wen Qi Qi, but she got herself into the mud instead.

But it doesn’t matter, she has sent her trusted subordinates to send a message to the Old Lady.

She believed that the Old Lady would return soon.

At that time, when she sees her injury and memory loss, she will only feel sorry for her and protect her. She will never punish her because of Wen Qi Qi.

Thinking of this, Wen Ruyi put her heart down.

However, in the next moment, the door of her room was pushed open, and several burly women came in. Without saying a word, they went forward and pulled her out of the bed.

“The Duke and Madam said that the Third Young Lady is evil-minded and wants to harm the Fourth Young Lady, such a person is no longer qualified to stay in the house.” The granny said, but her footsteps did not stop as she pulled Wen Ruyi and headed out.

Wen Ruyi was horrified! Her whole body froze there, somewhat unable to react.

How could things turn out like this?

Why did Wen Shi Qing and his wife suddenly want to send her away?

“You guys, where are you taking Third Miss?” Wen Ruyi’s beloved maid, Hong Xiang, shouted out in shock and rushed forward, trying to pull Wen Ruyi back.

However, how could she compete with the strength of an old woman who was used to doing rough work? In three or two moves, she was thrown out.

“Third Miss?” The woman sneered, “She did such a vicious thing, how can she still deserve to be the Third Young Lady? You are eating and living in the Wen House, but you are not doing anything. Do you think you can get away with amnesia? Otherwise, they should have sent her to the government for the things she did.”

(End of this chapter)

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