Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 28– Surprised to be Seen by Gu Lin Chao

Sure enough, outside rumors can not be believed, and for many things, you needed to see for yourself to distinguish the truth.

“Go on.” She nodded lovingly and instructed Wang Hou De, “Take care of the Princess.”

“Yes.” Wang Hou De respectfully answered.

Wen Qi Qi bowed to the Grand Empress Dowager and went out with brisk steps.

When the Grand Empress Dowager looked at Gu Lin Chao, she saw that he was also looking in the direction in which Wen Qi Qi had left. The smile at the corners of her eyes could not help but deepen, but she asked as if nothing had happened: “Does Chao’er have something to say to your mother?”

Gu Lin Chao took out a green porcelain vial from his arms and handed it to Si Yi at the side.

Si Yi took it and presented it to the Grand Empress Dowager with both hands.

“Your son met a miracle doctor, so I asked him to prepare a medicine for Grand Empress Dowager. Take one pill in the morning and one in the evening, it should be beneficial to your health.” Gu Lin Chao said indifferently.

The Grand Empress Dowager smiled. Her face had a touched expression but it was short-lived. She quickly returned to normal, but the hand holding the porcelain bottle tightened and gave away her mood.

“I know.”

Gu Lin Chao stood up, “Since there is no further business, your son will retire.”

The Grand Empress Dowager opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but when the words came to her lips, she changed them to instructions, “Chao’er, this girl Qi Qi is very rare, treat her well.”

Gu Lin Chao’s footsteps slightly paused. He didn’t understand how Wen Qi Qi could cause his mother to be so fond of her after a trip to the palace. Just because she was good at sweet-talking? He frowned, did not say anything, continued his steps, and left.

As soon as he left, the Grand Empress Dowager’s servant Momo Zeng laughed and said, “I told you, the Prince’s mouth does not say anything, but in his heart, he still thinks about you.”

The grand Empress Dowager was naturally happy in her heart, but remembering the past, her smile faded again, “I don’t dare ask for it. I just hope he doesn’t hold a grudge against me.”

Momo Zeng said comfortingly, “You can’t be blamed for that incident, it’s been so many years, don’t blame yourself anymore.”

The Grand Empress Dowager sighed.

When Gu Lin Chao went out, he saw Wen Qi Qi squatting under the peach tree in the garden. Her skirt was on the ground and she had a handkerchief in her hand, picking up the petals that had fallen off the tree.

The light wind blew, and the peach blossoms fell one after another as if a rain of flowers had fallen.

The girl noticed, and hurriedly looked up. A pink peach blossom, after rotating in the air a few times, suddenly landed on her lips mischievously.

Looking at this scene in front of him, Gu Lin Chao stopped in his tracks and then saw that his little wife, suddenly stretched out her pink tongue. She rolled the peach blossom petals into her mouth and ate them with a smacking sound.

Gu Lin Chao’s forehead veins jumped and he walked over with a step.

“Yuck!” Wen Qi Qi spit out the peach blossoms in her mouth and said with a bitter face, “I thought it was delicious, but it turns out it’s not delicious at all.” She froze and turned her head to see Gu Lin Chao standing two steps away with a cool expression.

“When did the Regent come out?” Wen Qi Qi patted the mud on her skirt while standing up as if nothing had happened.

She was actually just asking a casual question. With Gu Lin Chao’s dull nature, he would not necessarily answer her.

But when she thought this, she heard Gu Lin Chao say, “When you ate peach blossoms.”

Wen Qi Qi: “……”

She didn’t expect that such an embarrassing thing would be seen by Gu Lin Chao.

He must have been laughing at her in his heart.

Wen Qi Qi reached out her fingers and scratched her head, feeling a little humiliated.

I think it’s very cute she tried eating the flower

Ellie: Come on ML. Just admit that she’s cute to watch.

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