Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 25– Not Hiding Her Purpose in the Slightest

Wen Qi Qi covered her mouth in surprise.

Oh my God, this man was actually Gu Lin Chao’s uncle?

The two clearly looked similar in age.

Gu Lin Chao glanced at Xiao Yan, ignored him, and turned his head to Gu Heng, “Emperor.”

Gu Heng stepped forward and said respectfully, “Imperial Uncle.”

Wen Qi Qi was even more surprised at this point.

It turned out that he was the male protagonist of the original book, Gu Heng. The youngest and most promising monarch of the Daye Dynasty.

He was wearing a dragon robe, so she should have guessed it was him.

However, Gu Heng did look handsome.

She looked at the three men, back and forth, and came up with the result that all three were good-looking, each with a lot of great features. But if she were to compare them, it would be Gu Lin Chao who looked the best.

Gu Lin Chao nodded and said nothing else. He looked at Wen Qi Qi but saw her gaze falling on Gu Heng. His eyebrows were imperceptibly knitted and his voice was slightly deep, “Go in.”

“Okay.” Wen Qi Qi came back to her senses, and with a professional smile on her face, she followed him into Jing Ci Palace, but her heart was not calm.

She didn’t expect that as soon as she entered the palace today, she would be able to meet Gu Heng, the male protagonist of the original book.

The man who spoiled Wen Ruyi to the heavens.

Moreover, that Xiao Yan, surprisingly, is Gu Lin Chao’s uncle. Does that mean that he is also Gu Heng’s uncle?

It was also clear that he was only in his twenties, but his generation was so much bigger, so it made people confused.

But this doubt, after entering the Jing Ci Palace and meeting the Grand Empress Dowager, was solved.

When the group entered, Empress Dowager Guo was talking with the Grand Empress Dowager.

The spirit of the Grand Empress Dowager was obviously a little weak, but when she saw so many people coming to see her, a kind and amiable smile immediately appeared on her face, and she was very happy.

Especially when she saw Gu Lin Chao, she was obviously stunned, and then, a trace of excitement and delight flashed across her face, “Chao’er.”

“Mother.” Gu Lin Chao bent down and bowed towards her. The rest of the people also bowed to her and Empress Dowager Guo in turn before taking their respective seats.

The Grand Empress Dowager’s gaze kept falling on Gu Lin Chao. Her hand was clenched on the arm of the chair, as if she was restraining something, for a long time, before she said, “It’s good that you’re back, it’s good that you’re back ……” The corners of her eyes were slightly moist.

Compared to her moved appearance, Gu Lin Chao’s reaction is very calm. His expression was still cold and a chill existed between his eyebrows as if covered with frost and snow. He was so cold that people did not dare to approach him.

He sat on the chair, did not respond to anything. His head was lowered and seemed to be thinking about something.

The Grand Empress Dowager’s mouth was bitter, and she sighed inaudibly. When she thought of something, her eyes turned to Wen Qi Qi, and a loving smile immediately appeared on her face. She sized up Wen Qi Qi once, and then said curiously, “Why is Qi Qi dressed like this today?”

While Wen Qi Qi was sizing up Gu Lin Chao and the Grand Empress Dowager, she suddenly heard the Grand Empress Dowager ask about herself and froze for a moment before rising unhurriedly and saying, “In reply to the Grand Empress Dowager’s words, I heard that you like to dress in a light and dignified manner, so I chose a dress in a light color.”

After saying that, she sighed in her heart.

Although she did not hate it, she felt that it was better to dress in a lighter color when she came to the palace to meet her elders. Especially when the other party was the Grand Empress Dowager.

Some elders are not accustomed to young people’s flamboyant appearance, and she thought that the Grand Empress Dowager should be the same.

She did not expect that the Grand Empress Dowager would ask this question.

So this is a bit confusing but there are 2 Empress Dowagers

Grand Empress Dowager who is Gu Lin Chao’s mother – Let’s call her the Grand Empress Dowager

Empress Dowager Guo who is Gu Heng’s Mother – the widow of the old emperor who was Gu Lin Chao’s brother (I think) which is how Gu Lin Chao is the Emperor’s uncle and regent. (I forgot what the relationship is but when we get to that point I’ll update it)

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  1. Maybe call Gu Lin Chao’s mother the Grand Empress Dowager and the current Emperor’s mother Empress Dowager to distinguish them.

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