Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 21– Urgently Giving Her Eye Medicine

Wen Qi Qi naturally heard it and turned her gaze to take a look at the maid called Mei Yan.

She was white and clean and looked quite pretty, but it turned out that she was Gu Lin Chao’s person. No wonder she was so arrogant.

“Oh, then I won’t delay you to serve the Regent.” She nodded and beckoned towards the long-faced maid, “Then come and help me.”

The several maids all froze. How come her reaction was different from what they had thought?

A few of them looked at her face with some uncertainty.

They seemed to be trying to see the signs of jealousy or anger on her face.

Wen Qi Qi did not care much and let them look at her.

Half a day later, they couldn’t see anything, so they gave up. It was Mei Yan who looked at Wen Qi Qi a few more times.

Wen Qi Qi had been married into the royal family for some time, so they had naturally met each other.

It’s just that the old Wen Qi Qi was not so calm and collected.

With her brutal and capricious nature, if she had heard what she had just said, she would not have been willing to give up.

But right now, she was not the least bit angry. Not to mention that she could not see the slightest expression of jealousy on her face.

Mei Yan looked at Wen Qi Qi’s clear and bright face and pursed her lips.

She was not afraid of Wen Qi Qi’s beauty, because she was just like that, she could not make people happy and could not create a threat at all.

But the Wen Qi Qi right now is a little unpredictable, in case she gets into the eyes of the Regent ……

Mei Yan clutched her handkerchief.

The long-faced girl stepped forward and held Wen Qi Qi’s arm, saying somewhat reluctantly, “This slave servant will help you go back.”

“Well, thank you.” As if she didn’t see her reluctance, Wen Qi Qi nodded her head and leaned on her obediently, dumping her body weight on her.

The long-faced servant girl was so skinny that she almost got crushed by Wen Qi Qi leaning on her. It was only with great difficulty that she was able to stand on her feet.

She tried to push Wen Qi Qi away a little, but found that she could not push at all, and had to hold back a red face for a while, “Your Highness, this slave servant ……”

“You be careful, don’t fall on this Wangfei, otherwise this Wangfei, although good-tempered, will have to to punish you.” Wen Qi Qi smilingly blocked her words.

The long-faced servant girl held back her words and sullenly helped her towards the Shen Xiang courtyard.

Halfway to the courtyard, the servant girl said, “Your Highness may not know that Mei Yan is the one who was personally chosen by the Empress Dowager for His Majesty.”

This girl almost said that Mei Yan was Gu Lin Chao’s concubine, and brought up the Empress Dowager in front of her. She was telling her that Mei Yan was the Empress Dowager’s person, so she should be polite to Mei Yan.

She shook her head in amusement. This little servant girl came to give her eye medicine urgently. It seems that she had received a lot of benefits from Mei Yan in her daily life and had started treating her as her master.

However in fact –

“According to this Princess’ knowledge, the Regent has been conquering in all four directions for many years and is rarely in the capital. Since that Mei Yan is the Regent’s person, why doesn’t he take her with him?”

The servant girl said sarcastically, “The Regent marched to war so it was inconvenient for sister Mei Yan to go with him.”

“Is it because she can’t go with him, or is it that the Regent doesn’t like her at all?” Wen Qi Qi said with a smirk.

The servant girl was at a standstill and could not say anything else.

Looking at the Shen Xiang courtyard in front of her, Wen Qi Qi guessed that the original lived here so she stopped and let go of the servant, “Alright, you can leave now.”

The maid secretly grimaced. She bowed and bent her knees in disapproval and withdrew.

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