Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 16 – Just now, Gu Lin Chao Was Looking at Her

Chapter 16: Just now, Gu Lin Chao was looking at her

Unlike the reactions of the other people, Xu Shi’s heart ached when she saw her daughter like this. She hugged her into her arms and stroked her hair, softly comforting her, “Qi Qi doesn’t need to be sad for such a wolf-hearted person, it’s not worth it. Let’s just stay away from her in the future.” But in her heart, she made up her mind that she must take revenge for her precious daughter, Wen Ruyi was so cruel and vicious. Their Wen family cannot keep her no matter what.

Wen Qi Qi was suddenly hugged into her mothers’ arms. Her body stiffened as she was very uncomfortable, but her heart could not help but rise up with longing.

She stared blankly at Xu Shi’s gentle and loving face, her tear-wet, long eyelashes blinking, and suddenly she didn’t want to push away this warmth.

Xu Shi saw her daughter’s soft and well-behaved appearance and her heart seemed to be melting.

“Okay!” Wen Qi Qi nodded her head. She didn’t know if it was because she was shy or for some other reason, but her fair and smooth face like mutton white jade had a faint blush on it.

When she finished speaking, she noticed a pair of eyes that fell on her body, and when she looked sideways, she only saw Gu Lin Chao’s face slightly turned away.

Uh ……

Just now, was Gu Lin Chao looking at her?

Wen Shi Qing, after all, has seen the wind and waves and has a calm nature. Although he was angry and hated Wen Ruyi’s wolf heart and dog lungs, he had already calmed down at this moment.

And, he thought more about it.

He looked at Xue Zi Yu kneeling on the ground and his heart was heavy. He turned his head towards Gu Lin Chao, who looked cool, and said: “Although Qi Qi is usually a bit capricious, but she still knows the rules. At the same time, as the Regent Consort, she has always kept to her duty and has not done anything to wrong Your Majesty. I would like to guarantee on my life that she has nothing to do with this person.”

Hearing this, Xu Shi and Wen Ting Xuan also instantly reacted.

Yes, although they had uncovered Wen Ruyi’s poisonous plan, this matter, after all, involves the innocence and integrity of Qi Qi. There is no guarantee that Gu Lin Chao will not have a grudge against Qi Qi for this.

Thinking of this, both of them were a bit worried and nervous.

They were more concerned about Qi Qi’s happiness than about what to do with Wen Ruyi.

“Yes, Your Majesty, our Qi Qi has always been very careful, and she is so timid that she does not dare to do anything to wrong Your Majesty, so please do not be provoked by small people.”

“That’s right, Qi Qi is usually a bit obnoxious, but she would never dare to do anything to wrong Your Majesty.” Wen Ting Xuan followed closely.

The corners of Wen Qi Qi’s mouth twitched. This second brother of hers, was he sure he was speaking for her and not taking advantage of the opportunity to blacken her?

Gu Lin Chao understood the concerns and worries of the Wen family members.

To be honest, Wen Qi Qi is a wife chosen by his mother. He does not value this marriage, but he will not allow others to trample on his dignity, therefore, when he received that letter at the border, he was still a little angry.

If it was true, he would not have tolerated Wen Qi Qi.

He would have made her pay a heavy price for her foolishness.

But fortunately, Wen Qi Qi was not stupid and did not disappoint him.

“This King knows.” He nodded lightly, glanced at Wen Qi Qi, and after a pause, moved his gaze to look at Wen Shi Qing and his wife, “During my absence from the capital, I would like to thank you and your wife for taking care of my wife for me. Now that I have returned, I will take her back.”

When Wen Shi Qing heard this, he was relieved at last.

Xu Shi and Wen Ting Xuan also put their minds at ease.

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