Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 11 – Gu Lin Chao, the Most Beautiful Man on Earth

If Xue Zi Yu hadn’t run, she could have had Xue Zi Yu testify in front of everyone that Wen Ruyi bribed him and conspired to set her up.

Trying to get the best out of the situation, the couple can still look the other way and not deal with it, but if she is involved, they will not sit idly by. Even if the Old Lady was backing up Wen Ruyi, it would not be possible for her to escape.

It was a pity that Xue Zi Yu had escaped.

Wen Qi Qi felt somewhat regretful.

However, even though Xue Zi Yu ran away, Wen Ruyi’s private meeting with a man at the back door was witnessed by the servants.

They did not dare to say anything on the surface, but in private, they would talk about it.

A rumor was fiercer than a tiger.

When the news spread, Wen Ruyi’s reputation was bound to be damaged.

Wen Ruyi has always valued her reputation. How could she stand the gossip outside?

The corners of Wen Qi Qi’s mouth curled up.

Tonight’s drama was not without effect.

At the very least, she defused the crisis for herself and also cast doubt on Wen Ruyi.

Wen Shi Qing really did not intend to look deeper into this matter, even though he had doubts in his heart. After all, Wen Ruyi had always been valued by the Old Lady. And it was just like what Wen Qi Qi said, perhaps in the Old Lady’s eyes, this was not a big deal.

“Well, it’s almost dawn, let’s all go back and rest.”

Just as he finished speaking, a subordinate hurriedly came in, “Duke and Madam, the Regent Prince is here.”

All the people in the hall were stunned.

Wasn’t Gu Lin Chao still at the border, when did he come back?

Wen Qi Qi was also a little surprised.

The original book did not say that Gu Lin Chao would come back tonight.

She was lucky that she didn’t go out the back door tonight, otherwise, the consequences would have been unthinkable.

Wen Shi Qing was the first to react and got up to go out to greet Gu Lin Chao personally.

However, after taking two steps, he saw his precious daughter, who was still sitting there had no intention to get up, and then he was angry and amused. “Qi Qi, the Regent is here, why don’t you go with me to greet him?”

“Oh.” Wen Qi Qi put down the pastry in her hand with a somewhat complicated mood.

She didn’t expect to see Gu Lin Chao so soon.

The original owner’s husband, the guy who was portrayed so godlike in the book. His only failure was probably the matter of being cuckolded by the original owner.

When she thought of the original owner’s downfall, her heart trembled and she didn’t dare to slack off any longer as she hurriedly stood up.

However, before they could go out, Gu Lin Chao had come in.

The man’s figure is particularly tall and upright and was wearing a black cloak. Probably because of his military background, his pace was particularly firm and strong, and as soon as he came in, a huge sense of pressure came over the people in the room, making them seen smaller.

Wen Qi Qi tightened the lapel of her clothes. She felt a little cold, but her eyes could not help but curiously fall on the man’s face.

Under the light, the man looks cold, but his features were handsome and three-dimensional.

His sideburns were like knives, the eyebrows were like ink paintings, the eyes were beautiful phoenix eyes, the nose was straight, the scarlet lips were thin, the jawline was perfect, and there was a reserved and ascetic aura about him ……

Wen Qi Qi watched him and lost breath.

In the acting world, she has seen so many kinds of beautiful men that she thought she was immune to them, but at this time she couldn’t help but be stunned.

Because Gu Lin Chao is not the male lead, the original book barely described Gu Lin Chao’s appearance, and only mentioned it in a few sentences.

She didn’t expect that Gu Lin Chao would be so beautiful.

It’s not appropriate to describe a man as a ‘great beauty’, but those were the two words that burst into Wen Qi Qi’s mind at this time.

Gu Lin Chao was really the most beautiful man on earth!

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