Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 7 – Don’t Mind Destryoing You

When Wen Ruyi saw her, she looked like she already knew everything, and her heart was shocked.

Wen Qi Qi actually knew about her plan?

How was that possible?

“You are really my good sister. I usually treat you well, but you want to frame me.” Wen Qi Qi shook her head and sighed. The original owner’s nature was certainly hard to describe, but she was sincere to Wen Ruyi, her third sister, and yet she ended up so miserable.

Wen Ruyi suppressed the astonishment in her heart. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Wen Qi Qi snorted coldly, “Wen Ruyi, things have already come to a head, so don’t pretend! In fact, you love Gu Lin Chao in your heart, so you deliberately smeared him in front of me and made him look so bad. Just to make me feel afraid of him, you even urged me to elope with someone, and tonight’s elopement scene was also arranged by you.”

“Once I walk out the back door, you will definitely let everyone know that I eloped with someone, then when the matter comes to Gu Lin Chao’s ears, would he let me go? Awaiting me is either death or death.”

“Unfortunately, even with all your calculations, you will never be able to get Gu Lin Chao’s attention. He simply does not see you.” In the original book, Wen Ruyi was unable to receive his love and had to turn to the embrace of the young emperor.

Having her heart revealed all of a sudden, Wen Ruyi’s blood seemed to freeze and she was shivering in disbelief.

“You, you’re saying nonsense!”

“Whether I am talking nonsense or not, you know very well.” Wen Qi Qi laughed coldly and suddenly raised her foot and kicked the guardrail at the side.


A large piece of the wooded guardrail broke broke off and fell to the ground.

Lu Qiao was so shocked that she bit down on her fingers.

Wen Ruyi was so shocked that her face turned white and she took a step backward.

The Wen Qi Qi in front of her is still looked like the same Wen Qi Qi, with a beautiful and matchless face, but her strength was so horrible ……

The two people looked like they had seen a ghost.

“If you want to stay in the Wen Mansion peacefully, you’d better stop playing those tricks of yours, or I don’t mind destroying you!” Wen Qi Qi’s voice was cold with a warning.

Wen Ruyi’s eyes were wide and filled with shock.

Wen Qi Qi is crazy ……

“Third Miss, Fourth Miss, the Duke and the Madam are asking you to come over to the main hall.” At this time, a subordinate came over and said respectfully towards the two of them.

“Got it, you go down first.” Wen Qi Qi raised her smiling face that was different from her fierce appearance just now and waved her hand kindly at the subordinate.

Wen Ruyi clenched her fingers, this bitch!

But when she saw the broken guardrail on the side, her pupils shrank and she turned her head away.

She wouldn’t just let it go!

Wen Qi Qi, wait and see!

Lu Qiao was still a bit confused at this moment.

The person who was so tough just now, was it her Miss?

She felt that her brain was not smart enough.

When did Miss have so much strength?

Her eyes fell on the broken wood on the ground and she gulped.

“Ugh, it hurts.” Wen Qi Qi suddenly shouted.

Lu Qiao was startled and came back to her senses. She hurriedly went forward to hold her up, “What’s wrong, Miss?”

“I’ve just pushed myself too hard, and I think I’ve strained my muscles.” Wen Qi Qi said pitifully.

Lu Qiao helped her to sit down on the bench and said worriedly, “This slave girl can take a look for you.”

“Okay~” Wen Qi Qi answered obediently, and her appearance was different from the tough one just now.

Seeing this, Lu Qiao felt some discomfort.

Her young lady was not possessed by a ghost, was she?

Lu Qiao massaged her for a while before she seemed to feel better.

(End of this chapter)

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