I Became the Villain’s own Daughter Chapter 3: My Father’s Name is Lu Junhan

The last child who appeared in front of Lu Shao didn’t say a word but was mercilessly thrown out by Lu Shao.

He heard that the child was so frightened by Lu Shao that he still has nightmares in his sleep every night, and when he sees him, he runs away like when a rat sees a cat.

This shows how deep the trauma is.

Looking at Lu Li’s soft white face and flashing eyelashes, the housekeeper’s heart tempered by 1000 hammers had a rare moment of distress.

He took a deep breath and hurriedly turned toward the next bodyguard and maid in a stern voice before Lu Junhan could attack, “I say again, whose child is this, come out and take her away immediately.”

It’s not like this hasn’t happened before.

Two months ago, there was a daring maid who they didn’t know if she had read too many CEO novels or if she was just out of her mind.

She actually took advantage of the chaos of the Lu family’s banquet to bring her little nephew into the Lu family and deliberately let the little nephew call Lu Shao’s father.

The maid intended to use the child to soften Lu’s heart, seeing that he was not close to women.

When Lu Shao took her nephew to find his relatives, he would naturally get to know her through the child.

Obviously, the maid’s calculations were brilliant, but they were of no use at all!

Lu Shao not only disliked children but also hated them more than he hated women.

So he threw the little nephew out of the Lu family on the spot.

In the end, the maid was naturally blocked from the industry, and her outcome was no better.

The bodyguards and maids were silent, and the butler’s face gradually sank.

“Uncle, I’m not from anyone’s family.”

Just then, the little girl tried to climb up from the edge of the pond, her body scuffed with mud, her little face dirty, but her words were solemn: “I’m a child of the Lu family.”

She stretched out her little hand and pointed to Lu Junhan beside her, and with her little body straight up, she proudly introduced herself to the housekeeper: “This is my father oh! My dad is awesome!”

Looking at her proud appearance, Lu Junghan was suddenly slightly moved, with a strange feeling in his heart, as if his daughter had really praised him, and an inexplicable pleasure surfaced.

“I’m not your father,”

He barely suppressed this strange emotion, his eyes fell on the servant, but he didn’t find anything unusual, as if they really didn’t know the little girl.

He swept the circle and then withdrew his gaze, his eyes stared at her with heavy eyes, but his voice was thick with danger: “Don’t you dare scream again.”

The coldness and tyranny wrapped up in these words, even the housekeeper next to her couldn’t help but shiver a little.

“I didn’t shout nonsense!” To everyone’s great surprise, this little loli is really not afraid of him at all. Not only is she not afraid, but she also cupped her waist with her small hands, puffed up her face, and asked back in a milky voice, “Is your name Lu Junhan?”

Lu Junhan himself: “……”

She looked at him with a serious little face: “My father’s name is Lu Junhan.”


When the little loli saw that he didn’t say anything, she was happy and decided, “So you’re my dad.”

“I’m not.” The man gazed at her with indifferent eyes. Seeing that no suspect could be found for the time being, he did not intend to waste any more time. He directly turned around and left: “You are mistaken.”

“No way! Dad, I won’t admit I’m wrong!”

(end of chapter)

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