Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 285 – Could He Be Wounded in a Hidden Place?

The Grand Empress Dowager still did not know that Wang Ye had gone to Juezhou and had been hit by the Bone Scattering Incense.

Thinking about this, he said vaguely, “There is nothing wrong.”

But the Grand Empress Dowager is a person who can see that he has something to hide from her, and immediately her face sank.

“Imperial Physician Lin, you have been with Aijia for a long time, yet you still want to hide something from Aijia?”

Imperial Physician Lin kneeled down with a bitter face, “Wei Chen(this humble minister) did not say, because I do not want you to worry at your age ……”

“What exactly is wrong?” The Grand Empress Dowager asked in a deep voice, her heart anxious.

Imperial Physician Lin could not help it, so he had to tell the truth, “Wang Ye was hit by Bone Scattering Incense, and asked me to prepare an antidote yesterday.”

Hearing the three words “Bone Scattering Incense”, the Grand Empress Dowager’s pupils shrunk. For a moment, it reminded her of the incident many years ago ……

Why is it Bone Scattering Incense again?

“Who did it?” She slapped the arm of her chair in shock and anger.

Now that Chao’er was already the Regent of the dynasty, who would dare to lay a hand on him?

“It’s, it’s Jue Wang ……” said Imperial Physician Lin, sighing. He naturally knew about the knot in the Grand Empress Dowager’s heart. For many years, she had been blaming herself for not taking care of the Regent back then, thus allowing the Regent to be taken away by assassins and stranded in Juezhou. And later, something like that happened.

Hearing that it was Jue Wang who did it, the Grand Empress Dowager was so angry that her chest rose and fell sharply.

Mama Zeng hurriedly went forward to help her calm down and said anxiously, “Grand Empress Dowager, don’t be angry. Your body is important, so don’t get angry.”

“Yes, the Grand Empress Dowager must take care of your own health.” Imperial Physician Lin also advised anxiously.

It took a long time for the Grand Empress Dowager’s anger to calm down.

“That evil bastard, Chao’er has already given him a wide rein, but he doesn’t even think about repaying him. He even dared to assassinate Chao’er, he really deserves to die!”

Imperial Physician Lin and Mama Zeng both dropped their heads as they heard the words.

“Is Wang Ye’s health all right now?” The Grand Empress Dowager asked.

‘Wang Ye has taken the antidote, and he is fine now.” Imperial Physician Lin secretly sighed with relief and hurriedly replied. He was really afraid that if the Grand Empress Dowager was angry, then he would be blamed for her death.

The Grand Empress Dowager was about to put her heart down when she thought of something and suddenly stared at him, “Why does he need the antidote?”

Imperial Physician Lin felt cold sweat coming out. This question was one that he had wondered about yesterday.

But now it seems that Wang Ye clearly did not consummate the marriage with Wang Fei. The Grand Empress Dowager was so anxious about Wang Ye. She had long been expecting him to have an heir, but by now, Wang Ye and Wang Fei have not consummated the marriage ……

“This …… minister also does not know.” Imperial Physician Lin hung his head.

But what he could even think of, the Empress Dowager could know with a little thought.

Her gaze dimmed.

Could it be that Chao’er has not yet consummated his marriage with Qi Qi by now? But last time that Yuan Pa ……

She sighed, she was also muddled, and the Yuan Pa could also be faked.

But she didn’t think that with Chao’er’s honest nature, he would deceive her by faking it.

When she thought of this, she was anxious and angry.

Chao’er was not young anymore, and he has been married to Qi Qi for more than half a year. How could he not touch Qi Qi?

Or was there something wrong with his health?

Thinking about his years of fighting in the north and south, he had always been impervious to swords on the battlefield. Could he have been wounded in a secret place?

Otherwise, it was difficult to explain why he could leave such a beautiful girl like Qi Qi untouched.

If that was the case ……

The Grand Empress Dowager’s face became grave.

Translators Note: Uh oh, seems they’ve been caught

Ellie Note: Well, if she thinks he as an ‘unmentionable’ issue, she isn’t going to shove concubines into his rear yard, so that’s something at least.

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