Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 284 – The More Wen Qi Qi Thinks About It, The Angrier She Gets

Wang Houde didn’t expect her to ask about it and froze for a moment.

“Eunuch Wang?” Wen Qi Qi looked at him in confusion.

Wang Houde stammered, “In fact, in fact, Wang Ye was once hit by the Bone Scattering Incense when he was a child ……”

After hearing this, Wen Qi Qi was shocked, “As a child?”

Wang Houde nodded and sighed, but did not say more.

Wen Qi Qi saw that he did not want to talk about it, and did not press for anything more, but her heart surged with a faint heartache.

The Bone Scattering Incense is not an ordinary tiger and wolf medicine. Ordinary people are not able to withstand it, let alone a child.

Gu Lin Chao was such a strong-minded person, but even he had to rely on self-inflicted injuries to ease the drug. She dared not imagine, how he was able to overcome it as a child.

What kind of wolf-hearted and heartless person would use such medicine on a child?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

Wang Houde was relieved to see that she didn’t ask any more questions.

But when he thought of the suffering his master had gone through as a child, his heart became a little heavy again.

When he arrived at the West Garden, Wang Houde was about to leave, but Wen Qi Qi suddenly called him back.

“By the way Eunuch Wang, Wang Ye has an injury on his arm and cannot get it wet. You must pay attention when you serve him in the bath later. Also, remember to tell him to eat the congee …… and also, tell him not to deal with government affairs tonight and to go to bed early.”

Wang Houde listened respectfully. When he heard the words, he asked, “Is there anything else you want to explain to your servant?”

Wen Qi Qi thought about it and shook her head, “No.”

“Good, then this servant will go back first.”

“Go on.”

Thinking about Gu Lin Chao’s childhood, Wen Qi Qi stood outside the door for a moment before entering the room.

When he returned from the West Garden, Wang Houde saw at a glance that the porridge on the table was still untouched, and Gu Li Chao was actually sitting at the table reading official documents.

Wang Houde hurriedly went forward, brought the congee to Gu Lin Chao, and advised, “Master, Wang Fei has just explained to this servant that you should eat the congee.”

Gu Lin Chao paused, as if he hadn’t noticed, and asked, “What else did she say?”

Wang Houde then relayed Wen Qi Qi’s instructions, word for word.

Gu Linzhao didn’t say anything else when he heard that, but his face eased a lot, and he picked up the bowl of porridge.

When Wang Houde saw this, he was relieved.

As expected, the words of Wang Fei are more effective.

In the evening, Gu Lin Chao cleaned up properly and lay down on the bed to rest.

However, this bed, which he had slept in for many years, suddenly made him feel a little uncomfortable.

He always felt that something was missing, something was wrong, and the girl’s lush and beautiful face flashed uncontrollably in his mind ……

That evening, Gu Lin Chao had insomnia again.


The next day, the imperial palace.

As usual, Imperial Physician Lin went to the Grand Empress Dowager to take her pulse.

After he finished taking her pulse, the Grand Empress Dowager suddenly remembered something. Chao’er and Qi Qi had been living together for quite some time, how come there was no movement yet?

She said, “I’m not sure about the Regent’s health, so I’d like to ask Imperial Physician Lin to take a trip to the regent’s residence and check the Wang Fei’s pulse. If she’s too weak, we need to find a way to condition her body.”

Imperial Physician Lin said: “Yesterday, I also went to the royal residence. I observed that Wang Fei’s physique is good, and there should be no major problems with her body.”

The Grand Empress Dowager heard this and was puzzled, “Why did Imperial Physician Lin go to the royal residence for no reason? Is there something wrong with Wang Ye and Wang Fei?”

Imperial Physician Lin smiled and instantly regretted his quick tongue.

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