Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 281 – Suddenly A Little Unaccustomed to Her Becoming Respectful

Just as Wen Qi Qi got off the carriage, Lu Qiao rushed over impatiently.

“Miss, are you all right? The slave servant was worried sick.”

Wen Qi Qi pointed to her face and said pitifully, “Do I look like I’m fine? I’ve lost weight, and I’m darker.”

Gu Lin Chao, who came down from behind: “……”

In the morning on the carriage, who said she had gained weight and grown flesh?

In just half a day, she has become darker and thinner?

The corners of Gu Lin Chao’s eyes twitched.

“Miss has worked hard.” Although Lu Qiao didn’t see where Wen Qi Qi had lost weight and darkened, she still hurriedly held her up, “This slave servant has asked the cook to give you mutton stew, so you have to make up for it this time.”

“Mmm~” Wen Qi Qi nodded happily.

Gu Lin Chao seemed to have heard the sound of her smacking her lips.

“Wang Ye, I ……” Wen Qi Qi suddenly turned back, then thought of something and fished out several packs of medicine from the bag and stuffed them into Wang Houde’s hand.

“Wang Ye’s left arm is wounded, this is the medicine for external application, this is the medicine for decoction. Since it was inconvenient outside, I have not yet decocted the medicine for Wang Ye, you should have someone decoct it now and give it to Wang Ye.

Also, Wang Ye’s wounds can not get wet these days, when he bathes, you watch out. Also, change the medicine once every two days. Tomorrow it’s time to change the medicine, Eunuch Wang don’t forget.”

Wang Houde was stunned to hear this, but he didn’t dare to be slow. He remembered every word, and then he went into the residence to decoct medicine for Gu Lin Chao.

When Housekeeper Chen saw that Wen Qi Qi was so devoted to Gu Lin Chao, he was very relieved. It was not in vain that Wang Ye personally went to Juezhou to bring her back.

Listening to the girl’s rambling voice, softness appeared on Gu Lin Chao’s face as he instructed Lu Qiao, “Take good care of Wang Fei.”

Lu Qiao nodded her head and answered, “Yes.”

Gu Lin Chao looked at Wen Qi Qi, and after a pause, he said in a warm voice, “Ben Wang will go in first.”

Wen Qi Qi blinked her eyes and bowed towards him, “Okay, I’ll see you off, Wang Ye.”

The corners of Gu Lin Chao’s lips pursed. He was suddenly a little unaccustomed to her respectful appearance.

He frowned, but did not say anything else, and entered the royal residence.

After seeing him go far away, Wen Qi Qi hurriedly took Lu Qiao’s hand and urged, “I’m starving, lets hurry back and eat mutton.”

“Okay.” Lu Qiao smilingly answered.

“Ah, yes, put this black horse in a proper place.” Wen Qi Qi remembered something and ordered a servant to the side.

“Yes.” The servant respectfully answered.

Only then did Wen Qi Qi take Lu Qiao’s hand and walk towards the Shen Xiang Courtyard. Remembering one thing, she asked, “By the way, Lu Qiao, how did you come back?”

Lu Qiao replied, “Miss was caught by Jue Wang that day, so this servant was very worried. The Tunzhou Prince had someone send this servant back.”

“This time, you were frightened.” Wen Qi Qi blamed herself a little.

Lu Qiao said, “The servant girl was fine, but Miss has suffered a lot.”

“I’m actually fine, it’s our Wang Ye who has suffered this time.” Wen Qi Qi said.

Lu Qiao said, “This slave servant heard from Eunuch Wang that after Wang Ye heard that you were caught by Jue Wang and went to Juezhou, he didn’t even care about the martial arts test and went to Juezhou alone to save you. His Majesty is indeed very devoted to you.”

Wen Qi Qi was stunned at his words.

As a husband, he was very competent and responsible. She was not a hard-hearted person, and it was impossible for her heart not to be touched.

Especially these two days together, it allowed her to understand him some more.

Gu Lin Chao …… is really a very good person.

Such a good husband was worthy of her sincere treatment.

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