Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 274 – Wang Ye, You’re a Real Loser

The breakfast consisted of rice porridge and a few small dishes, as well as some buns and doughnuts.

When Wen Qi Qi was halfway through the meal, she suddenly remembered something and put down her chopsticks and asked, “Your Majesty, you don’t have any silver with you, right? What did you use to buy that wooden comb?” She suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart.

Gu Lin Chao paused and said, “I used the jade pendant on my body to exchange it with the store owner.”

“What?” Wen Qi Qi stood up abruptly and said incredulously, “You exchanged your jade pendant for a little cheap comb?”

“Little cheap comb?” Gu Lin Chao frowned. So she didn’t like the comb.

“That’s not the point, the point is, do you have a lot of jade pendants, Wang Ye?” Wen Qi Qi felt as if she was going to die of heartache. He had exchanged a jade pendant for a wooden comb, what a loser.

Gu Lin Chao was stunned and took out a jade pendant from his arms, “The one that was given to you, I didn’t exchange it.”

Wen Qi Qi took a quick glance. Isn’t this the one that was ripped away from her by Jue Wang?

“Then I really thank you, Wang ye.” Saying that, she nonchalantly reached out and took the jade pendant back, tied it back around her neck, and then said anxiously, “Wang Ye quickly take me to get the jade pendant back.”

Gu Lin Chao frowned, “That jade pendant has been exchanged for someone else’s comb ……”

“But the value of the two things are not equal. The jade pendant on Wang Ye’s body could buy the entire store, so you’re obviously being scammed by the black-hearted owner.”

Wen Qi Qi was so angry that she stomped her foot and pulled him up directly, “Take me there quickly, I want to beat up that black-hearted boss.”

“No need to do so, it’s just a jade pendant ……” Gu Lin Chao was a little confused as to why she was suddenly so irritable. He naturally knew that the value of the jade pendant and the wooden comb were not equal, but he wanted to buy her a comb and had no silver on him, so he had to take the jade pendant and exchange it.

“You’re such a loser.” Wen Qi Qi said offhandedly.

Gu Lin Chao’s phoenix eyes narrowed.

Wen Qi Qi hastily changed her tone, “I know you are not short of silver, but that jade pendant can be exchanged for more things, and ……”

She paused, “I know that Wang Ye has been privately subsidizing the soldiers, and that jade pendant can help more soldiers if it is converted into silver normally. It’s a big deal, a big deal, I don’t want this comb anymore, but I have to get the jade pendant back.”

“You don’t like this comb?” Gu Lin Chao frowned and asked.

“I like the jade pendant more than the comb.” Wen Qi Qi said honestly.

Gu Lin Chao’s eyes dimmed, “I know.”

Wen Qi Qi gave him a puzzled look, what did he know? Did she say something wrong again?

After thinking about it, she added: “As long as it is something from Wang Ye, I like it very much, but I can’t see Wang Ye being cheated, that would be very hard for me.”

Gu Lin Chao sighed, “Let’s go, go and get the jade pendant back.”

Wen Qi Qi’s small face turned clear.

The four men were being escorted out before they could react.

Gu Lin Chao glanced at Wen Qi Qi.

Wen Qi Qi said as if nothing had happened: “They deserve to be punished by the law, so they should go to jail and reform themselves.”

Gu Lin Chao did not say anything.

Although these four men were controlled by Wen Qi Qi, once they were freed, they would definitely revert to their old ways and go elsewhere to bully the weak, so it was better to be arrested and put in jail.

At this time, a servant came over and whispered something to Wen Qi Qi.

Wen Qi Qi patted his shoulder, “You’ve worked hard.”

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