Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 271 – The Bone Scattering Incense Is Showing Signs Of Awakening Again

He walked over, took her hand, entered the room, then grabbed the cloth towel placed on the screen and wiped her hair with one hand.

Wen Qi Qi froze, her eyes lifted and she looked at him quietly.

His expression was still cold, but his movements were contradictorily gentle.

Wen Qi Qi was a little uncomfortable. After all, in all her life, she had never had such an intimate thing as a man wiping her hair.

When her hair was half dry, she pulled down his hand and said, “That’s enough, your hand is currently indisposed. I can do it myself.” With that, she took the cloth towel from his hand, but when she looked up and saw that his hair was also still wet, she felt a little torn.

Shouldn’t she return the favor?

After all, his hands are indisposed.

Thinking, she took his hand and made him sit on the edge of the bed, “Wang Ye sit down, now it’s my turn to wipe you.”

Gu Lin Chao originally wanted to refuse, but seeing the girl’s persistent look, he had to give up.

Wen Qi Qi directly took off her shoes. She climbed onto the bed, then sat behind him on her knees and helped him wipe his hair.

Gu Lin Chao has long, dark and dense hair.

He seldom wears his hair loose, it was usually tied up with a hair crown, causing the whole person to be strict and noble.

But when his hair was loose, it added a kind of laziness, causing his whole person to be leisurely and unrestrained.

As Gu Lin Chao sat, he felt the girl’s slender fingers move through his hair. His body suddenly tensed up, and the suppressed Bone Scattering incense in his body suddenly had signs of awakening again.

There was an extra layer of gloom between his eyebrows, and he suddenly stretched out his uninjured right arm and took hold of the girl’s wrist that was wiping his hair, “That’s fine.”

“But it hasn’t been dried …… yet,” Wen Qi Qi glanced at him in surprise.

“I said it’s okay.” Gu Lin Chao’s aggravated tone harbored a hint of hoarseness.

Wen Qi Qi suddenly remembered what the old man from the medical hall said.

She swallowed and said with some hesitation, “The Bone Dispersing Incense in your body, did it flare up again?”

Gu Lin Chao was silent and didn’t say anything. He got up and was about to go out.

Wen Qi Qi was stunned and hurriedly jumped off the bed and pulled him back.

“You are not allowed to go anywhere.” She looked at him with a serious face, “You have been hit by the Bone Dispersing Incense. If you go out like this, what if, what if ……” The beast gets wild and wreaks havoc on other women, what can be done?

Of course, the second half of this sentence, she did not say out loud.

But Gu Lin Chao was very smart. When he saw her stuttering, ambiguous look, he knew what she wanted to express.

The corner of his forehead veins jumped, and he wrinkled his eyebrows and said, “What are you thinking about again?”

He avoided her and wanted to go out because he was worried that he would hurt her when the Bone Scattering Incense had completely kicked in, but she was so bad that she thought of him like that.

He pursed his lips, and his eyebrows were heavy with gloom.

“I’m also worried about you.” Wen Qi Qi saw his gloomy face, and quickly changed her tune, “We always have to prepare for the worst. Because Wang Ye is good-looking and has been affected by the Bone Scattering Incense. If you go out like this, it will be very dangerous. In this world, it’s not only women who encounter that kind of danger, men are actually the same.”

The corner of Gu Lin Chao’s eyes twitched. He didn’t feel happy at all when she complimented him on his good looks.

He didn’t understand what was inside her brain.

“Wang Ye, please don’t go out, okay?” Wen Qi Qi took the opportunity to put her arm around him.

“You have said all of that, how can I still go out?” Gu Lin Chao rubbed his brow, feeling vaguely helpless.

Wen Qi Qi smiled and felt a little smug in her heart.

Gu Lin Chao must have been scared by her words.

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