Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 268 – Is Wang Ye Jealous?

Gu Lin Chao frowned, “What are you talking about?”

Seeing that he was angry, Wen Qi Qi had to shut her mouth.

The old man quickly grabbed the medicine and gave it to Wen Qi Qi.

Wen Qi Qi took it and didn’t want to stay a moment longer. She helped Gu Lin Chao and left.

Not far from the medical center, there was an inn.

As it was getting dark, the two of them had to stay here.

“Boss, give us a room.” When they walked into the inn, Wen Qi Qi went straight to the innkeeper behind the counter and spoke.

Gu Lin Chao gave her a look.

Wen Qi Qi noticed his look, and patted the purse on her waist, before saying with a straight face: “There is not much silver left, and there are still many places to spend money, so we have to spend it sparingly.”

This is to explain why she only asked for one room.

Gu Lin Chao smiled, but did not say anything more.

The innkeeper led the two of them upstairs.

Wen Qi Qi stepped into the room first. She inspected the room and saw that nothing was wrong, so she went back to the door and said to the man waiting there, “Please get us some hot water, my husband needs to bathe.” Saying that, she also generously took a piece of broken silver and slipped it to him, “This is a reward for you.”

The man was rewarded with silver and happily agreed, “Thank you, Miss, I’ll go get some hot water.”

“Thank you.” Wen Qi Qi smilingly said thank you, then helped Gu Lin Chao into the room.

Gu Lin Chao said, “Didn’t you say there wasn’t much silver left?” The silver she had just given to the man was not small.

“It’s not much, but you still have to spend it where you need to.” Wen Qi Qi blinked, “There is a saying that money can make the devil push the grinding mill, and the same applies here. I rewarded him with a little silver, and I want him to help me with some things, so it’s only logical.”

Gu Lin Chao paused, “What do you want him to do?”

“I’ll tell you later.” Wen Qi Qi sold a story and helped him to sit down by the bed.

Almost as soon as he sat down, the man brought in hot water, and also brought up some hot tea for the two of them to drink.

Wen Qi Qi looked at Gu Lin Chao and whispered, “Look, there is a difference between giving and not giving silver. See how efficient they are.” After saying that, she welcomed him and instructed the man to pour the hot water into the bath tub in the room.

The man who took her silver did not feel the least bit reluctant. In addition, Wen Qi Qi was pretty and had a good mouth, so he did his job with a bit of gusto.

“Miss, the hot water is ready for you, I will leave now. If there is anything else, just give me an order.”

“Okay, thanks a lot, little brother.” Wen Qi Qi said with a smile.

The man was still very young. He was carrying a wooden bucket and was walking out, and when he saw this, his feet got weak and he almost fell down.

“You’re welcome, young lady.” He was so dizzy that he couldn’t find his way out.

After sending him out and closing the room door behind him, Wen Qi Qi turned around and met the man’s deep, unpleasant frown.

She froze, “Wang Ye?”

The corners of Gu Lin Chao’s mouth were pursed and there was a hint of gloom between his eyebrows. Did she still remember her identity?

In front of him, her husband, she was talking and laughing with other men. It was not dignified at all.

What of the places he can not see, was it not ……

Just thinking about it, his heart surged with inexplicable discomfort.

“This must not be done again.” His voice was slightly deep.

Wen Qi Qi was confused, “What can not be done again?”

“There is a difference between men and women. You must always remember your status and distance yourself from other men.” A sullen look crossed Gu Lin Chao’s face.

Wen Qi Qi froze and finally understood what he was referring to.

She raised her eyebrows, walked back to his side and said playfully, “Is Wang Ye jealous?”

Translators Note: Yes, someone is eating vinegar

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