Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 264 – She’s Really Not Ashamed at All

Gu Lin Chao leaned against the wall, while adjusting his breath, but his gaze unconsciously followed the girl’s figure, noting every move she made.

Seeing her holding a stick and drawing something on the ground, he could not help but be a little curious.

He was just about to look, but she suddenly dropped the stick in her hand, came over and asked, “Is Wang Ye hungry?”

Gu Lin Chao was naturally hungry. He had not eaten for several meals, but in the face of the girl’s concerned eyes, he subconsciously wanted to deny it.

But Wen Qi Qi didn’t wait for him to speak and said first, “If you are hungry, you should look at the cakes I drew, then you should not be so hungry.” At that, she pointed towards the ground.

Gu Lin Chao stared and saw that she had drawn a circle on the ground.

He paused and looked again. He really couldn’t see where it looked like a cake.

However, he did understand what she meant.

“Drawing a pie to feed the hungry?” He raised his eyebrows slightly, and a smile crossed within his dark eyes.

Wen Qi Qi held her stomach and smacked her lips: “I was hungry, so I drew myself a cake, and now I don’t seem to be so hungry, so it seems to have some effect. So if you’re hungry too, take a look at the cake on the ground.”

Gu Lin Chao smiled and felt sorry for her.

She had always been well-clothed and well-fed, and had never suffered like this before.

But today, because of him, she had to suffer from hunger and cold.

He suddenly took her hand and stood up, “No more waiting, let’s go first.”

Wen Qi Qi froze and quickly pulled him back, “Go? Where are we going? It’s still raining outside. With your injury, you can’t touch the water, otherwise there’s a risk of aggravation.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Gu Lin Chao reassured her, “The rain is not that heavy anymore.”

“No.” Wen Qi Qi frowned, “You can’t risk your body. And you promised to take care of your body for me. Wait a little longer, that person will definitely come back, because his life is still in my hands.” 

Gu Lin Chao’s eyebrows knitted together, “But aren’t you hungry?”

Wen Qi Qi said seriously, “I am hungry, but I can still stand it.” Thinking of something, she gathered her clothes and said with a smile, “It’s better to be a little thinner from hunger, then I will be more slim.”

Gu Lin Chao’s gaze fell on her slim waist with her movements. After a pause, he moved his gaze away and reprimanded her with a serious expression, “Nonsense, if you are any thinner, you won’t look good.”

Wen Qi Qi smiled at his words and asked with a raised eyebrow, “Does Wang Ye want me to be thinner or fatter?”

Hearing her straightforward question, Gu Lin Chao’s eyes flashed with dismay, and then a trace of discomfort flashed across his face. This girl is really not ashamed at all …… 

“Wang Ye, tell me, I want to know.” Wen Qi Qi shook his arm.

Gu Lin Chao’s face was hot and he reprimanded her with a stern face, “As a woman, how can you be so unruly.”

Wen Qi Qi grimaced, “You are my husband. If I ask you something like this, how can it be related to rules?”

Gu Lin Chao: “……”

Wen Qi Qi glanced at him and suddenly said, “Wang Ye could not be embarrassed, right?” Saying that, she took a step closer to him.

Gu Lin Chao couldn’t help but take a step backward. Seeing that she wanted to come closer, he quickly reached out to hold her shoulders and frowned to remind her, “There are still people, don’t fool around.”

Wen Qi Qi eyes blinked, “Wang Ye means that if no one is present, then I can fool around?”

When he met the girl’s beautiful peach blossom eyes, Gu Lin Chao was a bit confused.

He let go of her hand and turned away, not answering her words.

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