Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 262 – Touching Like A Pet

“She’s really good looking.”

“I’ve never seen such a beautiful person.”

“Yo, this little beauty can still stare at people, haha …… er!”

The back of the man did not finish his sentence when his head was hit by a stone, and blood flowed on the spot.

“I don’t just stare at people, I’ll crack your head open!” Wen Qi Qi patted the dust on her hand and stood up with a smile.

“Stinky girl, I think you are tired of living. Brothers, catch her for me, I will take care of her now ……” The man covered his bleeding head and cursed angrily in shame.

The other men also did not expect Wen Qi Qi to suddenly attack them. They were startled at first, and then they swarmed her with fierce faces.

Wen Qi Qi assumed a defensive position and was about to beat them up, but before she could swing her fist, the men all fell to the ground with a scream. Each of them had a piece of hay stuck in their legs, and bright red blood immediately dripped all over the ground.

Wen Qi Qi froze. She turned her head to look and realized that Gu Lin Chao had woken up at some point and sat up.

When she looked over, she happened to see his lowered hand.

She blinked her eyes and looked at him adoringly.

“Wang Ye, you are so powerful.” She sighed in admiration and flatteringly padded over.

Gu Lin Chao froze, then the corners of his mouth imperceptibly hooked up in a happy mood.

“Are you all right?” He looked at her gently.

Wen Qi Qi shook her head, “Nothing happened to me. But fortunately, Wang Ye woke up in time. Otherwise, I would have been in trouble.”

Gu Lin Chao knew that even if he wasn’t here today, with her skills, she would have no problem dealing with such unimpressive characters, but listening to her words, he was very flattered in his heart.

The corners of his mouth hooked up, raised his hand to touch her head.

However, thinking about what those people just said, a cold killing intent swept through his phoenix eyes.

Wen Qi Qi did not notice his strangeness. She pouted and felt that he was touching her like a pet.

The men who had just been reckless, were now pale and begging for mercy.

“Gentleman please spare my life ah. We, we have eyes but do not see the mountain. We have bumped into you two, please do not mind us small men. We will go now, so as to not hinder your eyes ……”

Saying that, they were going to crawl out, but Wen Qi Qi could not easily let them go.

The reason was that if it had been another girl who had met them today, she might have already been victimized by them.

“Did we say that you are allowed to leave?” She picked up the dagger that Gu Lin Chao had left on the ground earlier and walked in front of them. The dagger was aimed at them and blocked their way.

“What does Miss want us to do?” The men’s faces were bitter. Today was really unlucky, they should have known not to come in here to avoid the rain.

Wen Qi Qi’s eyes rolled and she asked, “Is there a town near here?”

The men froze, and one of them took the lead and said, “Yes, it’s only a few miles from here.”

Wen Qi Qi smiled and put the dagger against his throat, “It’s not impossible to spare your lives, but you have to do one thing for me.”

The man had a cold dagger pressed against his neck, and his breath stalled in fright as he stammered, “What do you want us to do?”

“I need a carriage now. You go and get me a carriage as soon as possible.” Wen Qi Qi said.

The man was relieved and agreed, “That’s fine, I’ll go immediately.” But in his heart, he said, as soon as he left here, he would run. He did not believe that he could still be caught.

Translated with DeepL

Edited by EllieKit

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