Dressed as the Cannon Fodder Ex-Wife of the Regent Chapter 86 – Gu Lin Chao’s Face Was Covered With Frost

The Daye officials were so disgusted that their faces turned red, and they were very unconvinced, but they were unable to refute his words.

When the envoy of Huijiang saw that they could not speak anymore, he was quite accomplished, “Do you think that drinking wine is the same as gulping it directly, then you are very wrong.”

“Since you say that wine is an elegant thing, you must know what you need to serve it with to make it seem more elegant.”

At this moment, a woman’s crisp and pleasant voice suddenly sounded.

When the envoys of Huijiang looked, they saw a gorgeous woman smiling lightly at them.

They were stunned, and the next moment, they felt a heat in their nose. A moment later, something rushed out, and when they touched their hands, they were full of blood.

The envoys: “……”

“Haha ……” Xiao Yan pounded the table and burst out laughing.

The others also followed and laughed.

Sure enough, these are barbarians, when they see the Regent Princess, they have nosebleeds. Have they never seen a beauty before?

Rude, really too rude!

The officials of Daye all shook their heads for a while.

Gu Lin Chao’s face is covered with frost, as his eyes coldly scanned over the Huijiang envoys who had nosebleeds. 

After wiping their nosebleeds, the envoys immediately said to Wen Qi Qi, “You don’t know, this wine is different from ordinary wine, it needs to be shaken slowly to taste its fragrance.”

After saying that, an envoy poured the wine into a special container.

The container was said to be like a cup, but it was not like a cup because it had a high stem at the bottom.

The Daye officials looked puzzled.

What kind of strange thing was this?

But Wen Qi Qi was very surprised to see it.

Wasn’t this the prototype of the tall wine glass of the later era?

Only at this time there was no such thing as glass, so the cup in the hand of the ambassador was cast in a kind of iron.

After the ambassador poured the wine, he brought it over directly to hand it to Wen Qi Qi.

“Before you drink this wine, you must stir it gently, so that the wine will taste more fragrant.”

Wen Qi Qi accepted it with a nod of her head, “You have a point, but using such a rough cup to hold the wine will only ruin its flavor.”

The envoy looked at her with some surprise, and judging from her tone, she seemed to know about wine, so he could not help but ask, “Then what should be used to hold it, according to the Princess Regent?”

Wen Qi Qi smiled and did not answer directly, but recited an ancient poem, “Grapes and wine in a cup of luminous glass, the desire to drink the pipa reminded me, the king laughs drunk in the battlefield, how many people have returned from battles in the past.”

The whole room suddenly quieted down, only the sound of the silk and bamboo continued to ring.

They seemed to be brought into the mood of the poem, and a sad and heroic feeling was born.


Suddenly someone vigorously applauded, praising, “Wonderful, wonderful, this poem is really superb, the Regent Princess has good literary skills!”

“Quickly, quickly, fetch a pen and paper for me, I want to write down this poem.”

“Yes, this poem is really wonderful, and the wine, and the vocal music, and the battlefield, and the brave feelings of the generals ……”

The Daye officials praised it and got together to discuss the poem.

Wen Qi Qi was sweating and raised her hand to stroke her forehead, but out of the corner of her eye, she glimpsed Gu Lin Chao who was sitting quietly there.

He looked solemn and seemed to be immersed in a certain mood.

Wen Qi Qi thought it was a bit strange. Was it possible that Gu Lin Chao was also fooled by the poem she just recited?

That’s impossible, right?

But it is true.

When people heard this poem, they were still quite touched, let alone Gu Lin Chao, who had fought in the battlefield when he was a teenager and was used to seeing wars and bloodshed.

His brow was tinged with a trace of pity.

It was only after a long time that he came back from the mood of the poem and turned his head to look at Wen Qi Qi.

Wen Qi Qi saw this and immediately sat upright, making a gesture of not looking at him just now, but out of the corner of her eye, she clearly saw the man staring at her for a while before moving his eyes away.

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